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yesterday i had talk to 3 psychics, and each was the top psychics on the phone, i want to know does the money?

Question by santhia: yesterday i had talk to 3 psychics, and each was the top psychics on the phone, i want to know does the money?
increase for top psychics, like 4.29 per min and for the beginner psychics they start 0.99 per min just curious

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Answer by The Oracle
the first one

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8 thoughts on “yesterday i had talk to 3 psychics, and each was the top psychics on the phone, i want to know does the money?

  1. bighazeleyes.no1

    Always be careful talking to ‘psychics’ on the phone. Genuine Psychics do exist, but they are rare.

  2. Sarah Speed x3

    No offense, but psychics only want your money.
    They ramble on about stuff that may or not be related to you life, and if it coincidentally ends up being right you flip out and believe everything they say to you.

    It’s all a load of crap.

    save some money, eh?

  3. starved123

    How much are you spending monthly on Psychics?

    Im sure you could get the same advice here on Yahoo for a few minutes from anyone

    Beware of so called psychics.

  4. aspicco

    You are better off finding a professional psychic locally, who can give you a list of satisfied clients, instead of a phone psychic.

  5. elirahlaine

    there is a way to prove to yourself that these psychics are scamming you,just wait till they answer and say tell me my name and if they can’t then they are frauds,there are however a lot of people who think of some thing and it happens,like a song in your head ,then the song starts to play on tv or radio or when the phone is about to ring and you look at it or think about the person who’s calling and sure enough it will be them,i have had this experience far too often and i wish i could control it but it seems to happen when i am not trying,you just have to be aware that your doing it,it makes me think that we were all here before and this life keeps happening over and over with slight changes,when these changes occur ,you feel a sense of Deja Vu,but then again that just sounds nutt’s too.a more solid idea is that our brains can predict random outcomes on a subliminal level,there is a computer program that does that kinda well,i think its called the prediction hub,oh yea,that other person was right in saying be careful talking to these psychics as most are very good at making people believe their lies.they are not usually all that clever though.
    watch out for sneaky people,a liar will always look down to the left as lies use the fantasy part of the brain and when they lie they cannot stop themselves from looking down to the left,a good liar does this so fast that it is hard to notice,it takes about a tenth of a second for the eyes to do this,simply looking down to the left for a long time is imagination use and not always a lie but the fast flick down to the left is a definite lie,i have tried this a lot and it never fails.’GOOD LUCK’

  6. SadharaSatguru


    Not usually, phone psychics have a set rate. & all are tested before they start – so all have to be at a set standard.

    Although I would be concerned that you spoke to 3 as I presume that you also had 3 readings.

    I worked on a psychic phone like for over a year & that is there only draw back, people can have multiple readings which means that they are not listening to what is given.



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