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xbox chatting online – is it free??? 10 points ;)?

Question by Truth: xbox chatting online – is it free??? 10 points ;)?
okz so you know when you chat online while playing a game – online??? is it free to do that??? and what’s xbox live???

plz tell me i’m a newb lulz!!! xD

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Answer by Aaron S
okay if you got xbox live you cant chat to any one else who has it you got to put in there name or add them (there is no chat room)
xbox live cost 7.99 a month to play game with other people multyplayer
19.99 for 3 months 49.99 for a year xbox live is worth getting for games that got xbox live in the top right corner its worth it(if you dont got xbox live but you got friends type in there name to add them and you can only private chat 1 person

(good luck hope thats good enough)

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