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Where to get an affordable accurate psychic reading?

Question by JustAGirl: Where to get an affordable accurate psychic reading?
I tried a few sites but which one is the best?

Best answer:

Answer by Ms Jessica Walter
Finding affordable Psychic readers is a bit hard especially if you are looking for someone good. I have tried all the sites too and still trying them. But I have a new favorite site, The Emotion I think they are new because I been getting reading for years and just notice there site few months ago. The company is always nice. I can get customer services on the phone at anytime. My favorite readers are Rheda and Marcus they are AMAZING. I was sooooo surprise on what those two picked up about me with out saying away. And I felt like I was talking to my bestfriend. They are pretty priceless since I just got my new job so I only call once or twice a month but they are worth it.

There homepage info:

Welcome to the emotion link
$ 10 Psychic Readings for 10 minutes (New Customers)

The Emotion Link has lots of professional Psychic readers, Mediums and Spiritual healers. Our Accurate Psychics specialize in Love and relationship questions, career and finance, past life, Tarot cards, Astrology, Horoscope, Numerology and much more. All our Psychic Readers has been pre-screen. We have tested their psychic abilities, speed, and their accuracy rate. This will helps us to match the best Psychic reader that fits just for you. Give one of our top Accurate Psychic Readers a try and see why they are one of the best. If one of our Psychic readers are not on or unavailable, then we will be more than happy to give your Psychic Advisor a courtesy call just for you.

Set up your account get a live psychic reading . New customers get to their first Psychic reading for only $ 10! Your secret promotion code will be sent to your email after registering


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Atell is an experienced and professional psychic reader and has read for clients worldwide for over ten years. She offers well-rounded readings through her various psychic abilities and a number of tools. Her reading style and caring demeanor is what draws clients back to her time and time again. She’s known not only for her compassion and non judgmental approach, but also for her accuracy.

Gifts and Abilities

She has a number of psychic abilities and is clairsentient (clear sensing), clairvoyant (clear seeing), claircognizant (clear knowing) and clairaudient (clear hearing). This means that she’s able to sense things, see things, know things and hear things during readings. This is how she receives insight into her client’s situation. Her abilities to sense the emotions of others is what sets her apart from the rest, and her ability to zone in on personality traits and intentions often sheds added light on romantic or relationship issues.

Readings are available through Skype chat/video, email, phone, or in person (for local clients). Rates are very affordable to cater for clients from all walks of life or any location worldwide.

Visit her web sites to read client reviews or to book your reading online:

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