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Where do I find reputable FREE psychics?

Question by freakygirl26: Where do I find reputable FREE psychics?
I know that psychics need to make a living,too. But some are students, or they do other work for income. I am not saying they don’t deserve payment…but I do not have money for a reading. I just feel I am at a time in my life where I need one. Does anyone know any free psychics either online, over the phone or in the Tulsa area? And Please be serious…this does mean a lot to me.

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Answer by skeptical

What kind of reputation are you looking for? Someone with a proven track record of being correct?

You won’t find that among psychics.

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  1. blase~

    The problem with free psychics is that they’re often people who are trying to develop their gift…therefore….the guidance they give you might not be 100% in quality as you would get with a psychic who charged you. I know you have no money for a reading….but by choosing to seek out free psychics you may not get an answer that is clear to understand, or one that is 100% accurate.
    However, yahoo chatrooms often have psychics in there trying to develop their gift. Go to the ‘astrology’ rooms and ask for readers. Good luck!


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