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where can i read free books romance online?

Question by bubbagum: where can i read free books romance online?

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Answer by Rita T
Try these!: – Planet Books 600+ On-line Collections

2. – A lot of Books on Various Topics

3.… – Computer eBooks

4.… – A lot of Books on Various Topics

5. – A lot of Books on Various Topics

6. – So Many eBooks here

7. – Computer eBooks

8.… – Classic Literature

9. – Poems

10. – Joke Books

11.… – Yoga, Religion & Philosophy

12. – Some More Novels

13. – Great eBooks

14. – 100+ eBooks Link

15. – 300+ eBooks link

16. – Various eBooks

17.… – Engineering Ebooks

18.… – Erotic eBooks

19. – Tons of Computer related ebooks

20.…a… – Physics eBooks

21. – Good Computer/Electrical eBooks

22. – Online Books Catalog

23. – Good eBook Forum

24. – A lot of eBook Collection

25. – Computer ebooks

26. Huge collection of Computer ebooks

27.… – 700+ ebook link on varios areas

28. – a good collection of ebooks

29. – Open Book Project

30. – Open Course Resources

31.… – Electronics eBooks

32.…s… – good eBook Forum

33. – Every Kind of books u can search here

34.…. – Engineering Handbooks here

35. – List of books available on rapidshare servers

36. – Lots of books available here

37. – U can get some good books here

38.… – Electrical & Electronics Engineering Ebooks

39.… – Mechanical Engineering Ebooks

40.… – Chemical Engineering Ebooks

41. – Great Ebooks Site

42. – Medical Ebooks Site

43.… – Medical Ebooks Site

43. – Great Ebooks Site

44. – Great Ebooks Site

45. – Great Ebooks Site

46.… – Great Ebooks Site

47. – Great Ebooks Site

48. – Great Ebooks Site

49.… – Good Engineering books

50.… – Good Engineering books

51.… – Good Engineering books

52.… – Collection of Interview Books

53.… – Collection of Power Plant Ebooks

54. – Collection of Stock Market Ebooks

1-… (three java e-books)

2- (JavaScript, Perl, CGI)

3- (Nothing of value)

4- (Must be visited ,all kinds of books, Wala eshi)

5- (oracle, Linux , Regular expressions, various books)

6- (Math, Physics, AI, Data Structures and algorithms, Graphics, and more) ->Must visit

7-… (Security books)

8- //Arabic books (Various computer books in Arabic)

9- (Unix, Engineering, Mathematics, Bluetooth, Networking, Security, Cryptography, Operating systems)

10-… //This link is no more (Bye bye)

11- (very old books about everything and anything)

12- //various books like Orlleay books and more

13- (poor)

14-… //Books about UML

15- (Free registration required, Huge collection of books, site is not in English)

16- (Beginning and professional PHP, Perl (2), Java (2).

17- (Huge collection of computer books) //Must visit

18- (Various books and tutorials)

19- [url=ftp://e-book:e-book@… (Needs fast connection)

20- [url=]… (this link is not more, permission denied)

21- (Free brain dumps)

22-… (Certification forum)

23- (various books ziliar years ago_

24-… (Nice Indian site for e-books)
Software Engineering, Programming, Java, networking, Lisp… etc

25- (Very nice, .NET, little java books, and fiction)

26- (Very nice, various it books)

27- (.NET tutorials)

28-… (various books, shell programming)

29- (tcp-ip, UNIX, winnt)

30- (Computer guides)

31-… (tcp-ip, UNIX, VB6, Networking, NT_Unleashed)

32- (C++ book)

33-… (C++ resources and tutorials)

34- (DSP guide)

35- (Java books)

37- (books and tools) //go the parent directory then to books section

->Applied cryptography
-> Teach Yourself Shell Programming in 24 Hours
-> Internet Security Professional Reference
-> Learn Encryption Techniques with BASIC and C++
More books in this site, these are the most important

-Assembly –Database –Networks –Compilers – Artificial Intelligence
Half of the links in the site don’t work but it worth looking

40-… (Every thing)

41- (Huge collection of books and sample chapters, HTML format)

42- (All kinds of books, free subscriptions required)

43- [url=… (Bruce eckel books about Java, accepted site)

44-…/… (Java and SWE lectures)

45- (Large collection of old books)
->Web programming with visual basic
->Using JavaScript
->Teach your self books (10 books)

46- (Networks, Linux, Image processing, Databases, Java, Perl)

47- (XML, UML, Java)

48- (Great site, contains 100 books)
->The download area is in Chinese
->Use google to translate

49- (This site is bye bye, no more)

50- (Mcft stuff books)

51- (Great site, worth a try
->Operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix)
->And more

52-… (Very great book forum for electrical Engineering
->Contains hundreds of e-book links

52- (Network book)

53- (Not bad)

54- (Java, NET ,PHP, Phyton , Perl)


56-… (This is link is no more)

57-… (Unix programming books)

58-… (Wireless books)


Very great link

60-… (More than 200 books)

61- (not good)

62-… (Engineering stuff)

63- (Not bad)

64- (Six mathematics books)

65- (Site not in English)

66-… (Little books)

67- (Little tutorial)

68-… (circuit tutorials)

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  1. redunicorn

    Most authors want to make a living by their writing. Some disreputable people will scan books and put them online and that steals from the author.

    However books out of copyright are legal to read for free on the internet.

    Don’t steal from authors. Buy your ebooks or see if you can get them at your public library where tax dollars pay for the book.


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