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Where can i get an ABSOLUTELY FREE psychic reading?

Question by Sarah: Where can i get an ABSOLUTELY FREE psychic reading?
I need to find one that is absolutely free, whether it be in a chat room, or on the phone….anything!!!!!!!

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Answer by Sekkennight
I’ll do it
free no cost
just IM me sekkent

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Jerry Nelson

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14 thoughts on “Where can i get an ABSOLUTELY FREE psychic reading?

  1. Ken M

    Here it is: You are going to have a hard life, and be taken in by fakers. Life is hard, and then you die.

  2. payal m

    Why don’t you join the ones who practice this and take the tips from them. You will not only learn the style but the free reading too. By the way you didnot tell which kind magic you like like voodoo dolls and the chineese cards system and palmistry or like that. People who know this wont generally talk online dear…..

  3. Prabhakar G

    I have perused all the answers received so far. I,however, feel that they have missed the point of the question. He wants psychic reading not fortune reading. The one specific addressgiven is of a fortune teller. Some of the other answerser have only parodied the idea . I also feel that for a decent psychic reading it would be advisale to go to a pracising psychologist.Alternatively you can refer you problem to the consultant who advise through newspaper columns.

  4. RiahWillow

    Honestly when asking for something of this nature for free you are asking for just what you would be getting .. something for nothing…
    so you would get nothing..
    I have been reading for over 25 years.. and all the readers that I know will read for free if they are given a reading out of the blue for someone. but only when that happens….
    I am sometimes contacted for someone to pass something on to someone .. but if you have to seek out a reading.. honestly .. most times it is something that you already have the answer too..
    and to be honest as much as I have done readings.. most of the readings I have done … are about love or money.. and please dont take this the rong way .. but if you have to ask about love… it is probably because you have doubts about your love life.. and if you have doubts it is because your lines of communication has died… that is something you can fix without me.. talk to your mate…. and if they wont talk .. and you cant get them to work it out that way you dont have a relationship… if you have questions about your money… you are waiting for a get rich quick fix.. figure out how to tighten your belt and work a few extra hours and give up your creature comforts… give up all the luxuries.. cell phone, cable tv, starbucks…. etc…. and pay down all the creditcards…. take on an extra part time job…
    practical things….
    the readings I love to do are the ones that give hope… and bring light into peoples life… I have been featured in news papers and on television shows before and on radio for what I do because I am brutaly honest and tell it like it is.. If I get something for someone I give it.. I dont sugar coat it… but at the same time.. I dont take ppl for a ride… and I dont keep ppl comeing back to me to keep my pockets lined… I want ppl to grow from an experience with me and move on to better things in their lives… I would rather get many new clients than have repeats.. that means im doing my job right.. I gave them what the angels and spirits gave to me to give them and helped them have a better existance and they dont need me anymore.. I cant stand the readers that have so many repeat clients that they know that they have a pay check from that person every month.. Now that is what gives readers a bad rap..
    But honey.. No .. there is NO reputuable Reader who will do a reading for you for free….unless the devine has given it to them and they felt the neede to seek you out and give it to you ….
    and you deffinatly wont find that on the net.
    I hope that helps.
    Blessings to you,


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