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Hi, I am Jerry Nelson, the full time content writer for 100% Free Psychic Readings website. I use this space to share my experiences, experiments as well as thoughts about Psychic Reading and Psychic Chat services. For any request, you can contact me directly via the chatbox below.

6 thoughts on “where can i get a free physic reading online?

  1. TheQuestionKing

    I’ll give you a free psychic reading right now. Send me an e-Mail at

    Include the following information and I’ll tell you your future:

    – Name
    – Age
    – Gender
    – Location (the more close to your actual home address the more accurate your reading will be, but if you’re worried about security just your state and country will be fine)
    – Sexual orientation
    – Height/weight
    – Past lovers’ names and measurements
    – Ethnicity
    – Nationality
    – Whether or not you believe in witches/Bigfoot
    – Hair color
    – Eye color
    – Skin color (use Crayola crayon names, such as burnt orange or salmon pink)
    – Whether you’re left-handed or right-handed
    – If you drink
    – If you smoke
    – If you’ll go out with me (check yes or no)
    – How much your annual salary is
    – How much you’d like to go out with me
    – Will you go out with me
    – Go out with me
    – You’ve already told me all of that stuff, just go out with me
    – Come on
    – Go out with me
    – Go out with me

  2. jennifer K

    well the thing with physic readings is that if you know Your future, it will change. like lets say your suppose to have three kids and you find this out. than you will only have two cause you all ready know it is better left un known. the future all ways changes with your different actions and decisions.

  3. sparklychef

    I wouldn’t get a psychic reading online. It is very difficult for us to know a lot about you through a computer. We cannot see you or feel your energy to pick up on what your future is. Also know that the timeline changes. Sometimes my dreams and predictions are different because time has changed. And do not listen to that person below asking for your information. You don’t know them personally and they could be a child predator.


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