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Where can I find a free love physic reading online?

Question by Keisy: Where can I find a free love physic reading online?
Or is there another free way I can get a physic reading?
Please use any links if possible.


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Answer by DuhMan
Right here. What do you want to know?

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10 thoughts on “Where can I find a free love physic reading online?

  1. Ashton

    You are going to waste your money on some weirdly dressed phony to chant UMMMMMMMMMMMMM for a few minutes and then give their opinion? There are better ways to spend 75 dollars

  2. justin l

    I can give you one.

    I feel you will become irresistibly attracted to a man posing as a love psychic. He will give you a a reading and its accuracy will inspire you to talk to him. You will find an amazing romance and later marry, have a family and grow old together. Also when you hit 85 you will reverse age. 😉

  3. NewlyBorn

    OMG… there is really no good Bible answer for you…

    The 3 or so many Eastern Astrologers that came to pay homage to the Baby God Jesus Christ were practicing a “sin” that on the Bible stories is punishable by death, just like the “sin” of homosexuality!

    Only the Clergy can deal in Holy astrology, like guessing the date of the 2nd coming of God the Son Jesus Christ, and so on!

    But because the WISE MEN were looking for Jesus in the stars, they are OK!

    Anybody can break the Bible rules in a Holy cause! (Even Jesus would white-lie if necessary -John7:8-10).

    The Magi were a bunch of morons!

    They came all the way from a distant Persian Gulf country directly to the Royal Palace of King Herod, the Roman client king for the Jews to ask him candidly, of all things, “Where is the newborn king of the Jews?”

    Christians are not allowed to question anything detrimental to their faith.

    There was also an ANGELICAL gang in the sky announcing the birth of Jesus Christ, The King of the Jews, but Jesus denied any kingship all along.

    Luke 2:10-11
    But the angel said to them, “DO NOT BE AFRAID*
    (*except for all the Jewish children under 2 years of age that King Herod slaughtered hoping to kill Jesus!)

    I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people*
    (*except for the Jewish mothers of all the children that were slaughtered, God the Holy Ghost, aka “The COMFORTER” was unable to comfort them -Mat 2:16-18!)

    Today in the town of David a*
    (*one of them)

    SAVIOR has been born to you*
    (*to the Jews)

    he is Christ the Lord*
    (*anybody dying before his Crucifixion goes to Hell, except for the PROSTITUTES and tax collectors Mat 21:31)

    God had to protect the Baby God Jesus Christ, but not any other Jewish boy under the age of 2, except for Saint John the Baptist.

    God’s Angels told the Jews, “don’t to be afraid,” but it turned out to be a very sadistic joke on them… like in so many other Bible stories (Jer4:10).

    Today, ONLY in some Catholic countries they sill celebrate December 28th as the Day of the Innocent Slaughtered Saints.

    God comes up in a dream to Saint Joseph and tells him to take the baby God Jesus Christ by burro to the forbidden land of Egypt over 200 miles away… in the middle of the night.

    Saint John the Baptist survived without having to run away anywhere.

    The Jews were not supposed to return to Egypt EVER AGAIN!

    Jeremiah 42:18-19
    This is what the LORD Almighty, the God of Israel, says: ‘…so will my wrath be poured out on you when you go to Egypt. You will be an object of cursing and horror, of condemnation and reproach; you will never see this place again.’ “O remnant of Judah, the LORD has told you, ‘DO NOT GO TO EGYPT.’ BE SURE OF THIS: I WARN YOU TODAY!”

    Christians hardly read the Bible. Unfortunately, most of the Bible writers hardly read each other’s stories, either!

    The Preachers are well trained to make practically all the Bible stories to look good.

    When Jesus comes back to Earth for the second time he will kill all the innocent children in the wrong Church!

    Revelation 2:23
    I* (*Jesus) WILL STRIKE HER* (*wrong Church) CHILDREN DEAD*
    (*abortionists deal only with the fetus when necessary! None of them kill children!)

    Then all the Churches will know*

    that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds*
    (*good luck all ye Christians!)

  4. Mikey, just Mikey

    You want to “find a free love physic reading”? Do you even know what a physic is? Thanks for the laugh!

    PS Learn to spell.

  5. Courtney

    Today people are able to predict many things with accuracy and life is planned to the minute. The only thing we do not know, is what the future holds. While some people enjoy the mystery and surprise that tomorrow holds, others are desperate to know what to expect in order to plan better for it. These people turn to free online physic readings for answers. Check out :


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