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What’s a good website that has free tarot readings by a psychic?

Question by bunny: What’s a good website that has free tarot readings by a psychic?

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Answer by owlofglass
Unfortunately it is difficult to find someone willing to do a tarot reading for free on the net, let alone someone who is,(or claims to be) a psychic as well as a reader. Keep in mind too that someone does not have to be psychic in order to read Tarot. And similarily, just because someone is a psychic, it doesn’t mean that they use the Tarot as one of their tools.

There are many online places where you can do computer generated readings for yourself though. All of the readings at these sites are online-based and are free. I really like the first 2 as well as the Thoth one.

Llewellyn Tarot Readings
(7 different spreads and 12 deck choices!)
(20 decks to choose from, 11 spreads to choose from! I love this site!)
By the way, also offers online-based readings with runes, the i-ching, and others.

The Mystic Readings
(Two kinds of Tarot readings, a rune reading, and others)

Thoth Celtic Cross Reading
(This site allows you to store your readings if you want–a very cool feature)

Playing Card Readings
(Readings similar to Tarot–9 spreads to choose from)

Tarot Cafe
(Has several spreads to choose from including Celtic Cross, Tree of Life, etc.)

EOS Tarot Reading
(Not an actual Tarot deck but a great reading regardless. It has a female voice talking you through the reading–this site is part of a promotion for the EOS car.)

If you are interested Tarot and reading the cards for yourself there are some terrific sites on the net, such as Aecletic Tarot ( At Aecletic you can get help with your readings, sign up for reading exchanges, learn more about the cards, etc.

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