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what are some good free educational-strategic online games?

Question by F R: what are some good free educational-strategic online games?
go ahead. any game is excepted, as long as it:

-can be considered an educational gane in general
-is fun and challenging to play – not one of those boring math or science games that make you yawn
-can be played online for free with a flash player or something similar
-it must be strategic, and it must be challenging, like one of the games where you have to crack a really tough puzzle to get out of a room
-can’t be an arcade game or an I-Spy type game. that means no dinner dash, no escape the muesem


Best answer:

Answer by specialboy103
Spore creature creator at its just a demo that lets you create anything you can think of even if you think it doesn’t sound educational the game is! enter the site at least and read about it

the website lots of good stuff it was named the best education site for kids and teachers for the past 4 years look under the section labeled strategy but the rest of the site is pretty inappropriate for kids under 10 games/physics/ this site won the nobelprize in physics fun to play tooo

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