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Tarot readings by phone?

Question by Riverblossom: Tarot readings by phone?
Has anyone ever had a tarot or psychic reading done over the phone or email?

Did you like it? Did you feel it was accurate or did you gain anything (positive or negative) from it?

I’d like to know as I believe the best way to do a reading is face-to-face and having the person TOUCH the cards..

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Answer by EmeraldIsle
Over the phone or in person, it’s all nonsense!

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3 thoughts on “Tarot readings by phone?

  1. mystical

    I have had psychic readings done in person but the psychics were all off on me. When I didn’t know better before, I went in person for the “ambience”. Going to a psychic in person, doesn’t mean they are going to be good.
    If you call the phone psychics, which charge per minute, it wouldn’t be long enough to do a full concentation on a person. Bonifide psychics will need time to concentrate on a person. Tarot readings are too general, I would avoid it. I have gotten reading online with people for FREE that I haven’t even and 1% were right on. One even predicted when my child will be born, the gender and the season, which came true.

    For me, I do psychic readings too for FREE, to improve my psychic abilities. I often do the readings online during pm or emails. I don’t even have to meet the person or know the person’s first name, to do the reading, It will be just as effective. I do not use tarot cards because they are too general. I use my own intuition. The more I practice, the stronger my intuition gets.

  2. julesrules

    My Friend has. Go to the website—- and ph. numbers should be listed AND details. Look at David’s profile. He is accurate!

    Yeh, I like the readings in person better, but my Friend can’t drive to Carlsbad that often so she gets her readings over the phone.

    Hope this helps!

  3. WebWeaver

    As someone who does readings via, email, IM, and phone. I don’t feel a face-to-face is the best way. It is different, yes, not better. As a reader, email readings bring out your confidence and make you gut it. They have made me a much better reader.

    As for touching the cards, I know quite a few readers who read in person, and never let anyone else touch the cards, so touching them isn’t necessary even for face-to-face readings.


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