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Question by Brian: psychics…………………….?
why did it take so long to capture osama?
shouldn’t a “real” psychic have caught on to him in a matter of minutes?

let alone thousands of pyschics?

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Answer by Herp
You bring up a good point. That being said, there are no such things as psychics, which explains the difficulty we had in capturing Osama. Most people that pretend to be psychic merely exploit those who pay them.

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5 thoughts on “psychics…………………….?

  1. Dr NG

    I’m sure if you look hard enough you will find plenty who said they knew but no one listened. You’ll also find those that are taking credit for it anyway.

  2. Adam D

    And if they are psychic, when you call them on the phone why do they always have to ask your name and sign?

  3. Tim M

    Different psychics work differently and such abilities cannot be tuned in exactly as you would with tuning in a radio station. Some psychics just see bits and pieces of events and may glean some specific information regarding a subject or target but it may be that it is centrally too specific and not enough to know exactly where it is specific about. Others may “see” an area or region and may not know what it pertains to. It may be that an average individual may of had certain insights about Bin Laden but did not know what to make of it and as well may of been afraid to tell anyone as you just don’t know where to turn, or what others may think of such insights. There were various reports from average individuals just prior to the tragedies of September 11,2001. Some reported having visions days before this event and some had dreams the night before. Those who did did not know what to make of it and it may of just been that they felt they had a strange dream and did not acknowledge what they had seen. As for “Real” psychics sensing or “seeing” the whereabouts of Bin Laden and or about 9/11, It may be that it was on their radar but they did not stand up and mention specifics about it. That it stood out but they did not mention it publicly on the record. Take care.

  4. The Watchman

    Demons didn’t want him captured, that’s why they didn’t tell anyone where he was..just like 911..they wanted those deaths to occur.

    Mo, larry n curly don’t have a clue even in real life.


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