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PSYCHICS…second opinion please?

Question by Princess M: PSYCHICS…second opinion please?
Name: Mellissa
D.O.B: 16/11/1982

Is there a psychic, clairvoyant, etc. who can do a reading for me please. It has got a lot to do with love, family and acceptance.
I know that everyone is entitled to an opinion, I would appreciate it if ONLY psychics answer.
I am sorry if I offend anyone, this is really serious as it concerns my family. If there is anyone out there who do not believe in psychics and the supernatural, please keep it to yourself. I never asked for your comments (I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me)!!!! And yes, I had a reading done before, but it wasn’t bad news I received and it wasn’t good either (for the person who is wondering).
I just need a clearer insight.

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Answer by corrosionfactor
There are no psychics, but you’ll get some lying answers from the self-deluded or the charlatans.

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8 thoughts on “PSYCHICS…second opinion please?

  1. poseiden_is_back

    Wow, love family and acceptance, any twit can now do a very accurate cold reading on you now and it will seem magical to you because you want so much to believe in that crap.

    Edit: Don’t forget the second opinion, let me guess you are unhappy with your first reading you wanted to know if maybe you or a family member was in the right relationship, perhaps your family doesn’t approve of your current one, perhaps you want to know whether or not the one you are with is as bad as your family thinks.

    Edit 2:
    Exactly what point in your education did things go wrong?

  2. Tariq

    Psychic are liars, do rely on them.

    Joke: once a psychic told a person that your sister is very sick who was in other city. His plan to stay at his home without his presence to enjoy lust with his wife. That man cooked chicken and grams. He put all pieces of chicken under grams and gave to him. The psychic felt insult and asked you were serving me much before but why today only grams. That man picked a club and started beating that psychic and told him that chicken pieces under grams could not be seen by you and you know about health of my sister 300km away.

    Friend believe in God, do good and have and hope good, thats all.

  3. The Canadian Atheist

    You DO realize that ALL so-called psychics are frauds right?
    There isn’t a shred of evidence to support these alleged “powers”.
    And in fact, the James Randi foundation (website here; )
    Has had a standing reward of 1 million dollars to anyone who could demonstrate any supernatural power. And despite lowering the burden of proof (making it far easier) not ONE person has been able to do so.
    What’s that tell ya?
    Just work out the problem for yourself ok? That is what life is supposed to be about after all…

  4. =42

    Please pass on your psychics details to the skeptics organisation that has on offer a $ 1,000,000 reward for proof of psychic phenomena. I’m sure your genuine psychic will want to claim the prize.

  5. sillystring1010

    Hmm, did you come for me in a reading? I got a Mellissa the other day. If you haven’t, email me.


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