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Psychics please help?

Question by aj: Psychics please help?
Can any psychic please tell me, if ill marry my present love.
i was born on 10/7/1982

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Answer by cats4ever2k1
no you wont.

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Material: wood, acrylics.

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12 thoughts on “Psychics please help?

  1. brookbabe90

    you dont need a psychic!!! do u love them? if you do then do everything you can to keep the relationship strong and when the time is right you’ll get married. you can’t trust a psychic on this because if they say “yes” then will u make sure it happens? and if they say “no” will u dump them??

    its all up to u!! not that psychic mumbo jumbo..

  2. mishoney

    marriage for you is in the near future[ in fact 2009] but i would step lightly for it will not last, first you need to fall in love with you and get your life in order this will help you greatly in a relationship

  3. ceprn

    If there were actual psychics, they’d be richer than Bill Gates and Buffet combined – there is no such thing as a psychic.

  4. me

    Maybe you and your present love should discuss this matter. You’ll probably find that YOU are “psychic” enough to answer this question.

  5. iceprincess

    I predict that psychic get their info from demons and that they work with the demons to lead people astray away from God’s plan for their life. Helping demons do so, the demons help the psychics line their pockets with money, thats what I predict.

  6. Jules R

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