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psychics please answer this love life?

Question by Dunn: psychics please answer this love life?
Psychics please answer this? love life?
Psychics please answer this? love life?
okay my name is brandon lamarr dunn and one psychic said ill meet a girl named kelsey and ill date her soon do you see a girl named kelsey in my future because im not sure he is right my dob is 4/24/92 and my pic is my avatar and i was born 10:43 am

and could u describe her like her looks

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Answer by Psychic.dougddog
welcome to psychic hot line by dougddog. Remember the advice I gave you about just trying to be friends with the girls. If you don’t use this advice you will seem desperate and that always backfires for women and men when they try to hard for a relationship. You seemed to understand at the time so remember this and just try to make many friends that are girls you can hang out with. When you don’t try for them that makes them want you more.I have a yahoo questions board on my site now posting only psychic questions. Check it out it’s the last one on my list on my profile. Hang in there you will do fine just don’t try so hard.

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