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psychics give me a reading? When will I find love again?

Question by Hulagirl: psychics give me a reading? When will I find love again?
June 17th 1995 is my birth date

I’m a gemini with rising in scorpio and moon in pisces
my venus is also in gemini ((I know it sucks)) if any of that helps

I thought I had love but I guess not..:/

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Answer by witchychick
Sweetie…. theres plenty of time for love, youre barely 15.

Enjoy living and your youth.

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The Advice of Strangers (video still)

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Seeing a psychic for the first time – "Kate the Psychic" – talking about my love life, getting my Tarot cards read

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5 thoughts on “psychics give me a reading? When will I find love again?

  1. #1 stunna

    ok. ok. i have a feeling that you just went through something bad. um….. in about 2 mnths you will seek some one who is at least in his low 30’s. he’s some one u dn’t pay attention too much. that’s all i can see now. bye!

  2. Dylan P

    You’re, what, turning 14 soon?
    There’s nothing to worry about.
    To be honest, the likelihood that you’ll be together with someone forever it that age isn’t all that likely.
    Just give it time, and you’ll find it again.

  3. nenita santos

    wayyy toooo younge am 20 and sometimes i feel like il never find love like am just not meant to be with some one but i mean we are way too younge wen the rite guy comes in to our life we wont even know it til wer sumhow in love so smile and live life second by second thats what i try to do:)

  4. ..True Gemini...

    you are 13… you can’t really “love” in an adult way….it’s just experimenting. 13/14 year old guys aren’t capable of really falling in love, they are too basic-minded. ask this question in 10 years time, because you don’t need to worry about finding a life partner at your age.
    my venus is also Gemini, and all my relationships with boys when i was your age were quite disastrous….i couldn’t ever make up my mind.


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