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Psychic readings via email?

Question by Purplehaze: Psychic readings via email?
These past days I been gettting emails from a website from different psychics. I have been told the same thing but I will have to call so they can get a full reading. One thing they have said is that I have to take action soon before a sum of money is gone.
Is there a way I could get my reading through email? I really don’t like talking on the phone..
I get 5 minutes free I guess thast enough but I rather have someone msg me. Does anyone know anyone who does readings through emails with no charge? Is it even possible?

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Answer by Chanel

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One thought on “Psychic readings via email?

  1. isis's brother

    I am sure that all the people offering you readings are not doing it free.
    There is a fish hook in there somewhere.

    Maybe some amateur will contact you if you keep posting.


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