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Psychic Readings over Phone or NET. WHY do you believe they’re possible?

Question by JeeVee: Psychic Readings over Phone or NET. WHY do you believe they’re possible?
I see a lot of questions asking for psychic readings.

I have read a lot about the paranormal and psychic gifts and most of the more responsible psychics and adepts say that psychic readings via phone calls or the net are impossible.

The best genuine psychic readings are done face to face.

Most readers who claim they can do it over the phone or net are regarded as fakes by genuine psychics.

So why do so many of you seem to believe its possible?

Like the odds of getting agenuine psychic reading face to face are fairly low so over a phone or the net they would be even lower?

Why do you believe?

Best answer:

Answer by kacey
I don’t believe–I also don’t understand why people go for those things over the phone. It seems like the personal component would be lost completely, and I think that’s an important part of psychic readings. I’ve never seen a psychic myself, but that’s just my opinion.

What do you think? Answer below!

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6 thoughts on “Psychic Readings over Phone or NET. WHY do you believe they’re possible?

  1. Roxy

    i personally dont belive them….. people wanna feel important because they will only be talking about you you you you and only you……..

  2. skoobysnaks1999

    I have several reasons. For one I am empathic(which means I feel the emotions of others, it is very inconvenient) and I know that on the telephone I can tell exactly how the person on the other end of the phone is feeling. This, for me, does not translate to the internet only works on the phone or in person. Another reason is I know a psychic that has told me and many many people things that he had no way of knowing although we all went to him in person he also does phone readings. The way I found out about him was a friend of mines son went to a strict Catholic school and as a school project he video taped a reading with the psychic to prove to his teacher and classmates that psychics were real and between the time he made the tape and the time he showed it everything the psychic had said had come true including the death and manner of death of his grandmother. This psychic also works with the police. Here is his web page:

  3. drew

    I dont belive in it, but as humans, we have always wanted immediate answers to our future problems, etc will I get the job, who will I marry…We want concerete answers to the unknown. If “psychic’s were real, how come they play the lottery and gamble and they all be billionaries? Since they know all the answers?

  4. Blood Makes Noise

    People believe because they want answers to questions in their lives.
    I’ve met a genuine psychic, face to face ~ she told me things, seriously, about myself that only I knew…She was amazing ~ 95% of the things she told me about the next 2 years of my life came true….I’m hooked..I did a lot of research on her authenticity before I made the decision to go & see her ~ everything I heard about her was that she was authentic.

    But sadly, most of the phone ones are a scam to suck people in to increase their phone bill…..I knew somebody once a few years ago who rang a “psychic hotline” & unbeknownst to this person, was transferred to an overseas phone line & had to foot a $ 700 phone charge for 3 half hour sessions ~ The “psychic” kept telling this person to call back coz she would have more information later…Nothing that was said during the phonecalls occurred ~ It also caused the person I knew untold stress as the “psychic” said that this persons parents would both die horrible deaths within a year….CALLERS BEWARE!!!

  5. The Druid

    You are right, they are not possible. A true psychic reading MUST be done while in close proximity to the subject or being in contact with the subjects personal belongings.

    I do them myself, and I have never been able to do it overthe phone.

  6. kymm r

    A true psychic can feel your energy wherever you are in the world it is not limited to a certain space, funny how people think it is.


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