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Psychic Chat Online?

Question by Barb S: Psychic Chat Online?
I’d like to receive a real psychic reading via psychic chat online. Is this possible to get from a real person who knows what they’re doing? I want to avoid those horrible psychic hotline services. And please dont’ respond it you’re trying to promote your free readings services. I want to pay for a professional who is gifted with psychic chat online and get some real insights into a relationship problem. If you’ve worked with somebody good please post that person’s info here. thank you.

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Answer by Laveena Mei
i was a bit psychic when i was 9 but i tried to ignore it and eventually feelings, images or so stop coming. i really tried to dismiss it. but i do still recieve strong vibes every once in a while and my mind never fails me. i may not be too reliable but atleast im honest. still wanna try me out?

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6 thoughts on “Psychic Chat Online?

  1. Cindy

    You’re looking for someone who does this as their full-time job and who has done readings for thousands of people and has a good reputation. The only psychic I work with right now who is really good is Dawn Sheffield. She does readings by email (Not online chat but by email.) She’s professional and very accurate. I like what she does a lot.

    At her website she also has written articles about psychic development. You can check her out here:

    Hope this is helpful.


  2. Hershel

    You want to receive a real psychic reading, you can go to Online Psychics Chat via,  at here you can chat with live psychic person, ask the question.

  3. Carrie

    I got a great reading at a different site but same name lol…. looks different than your site

    they do alot of love and spiritual advice along with tarot card readings

  4. fhyriooodkejh

    Psychic Chat Free – What About It! With a Psychic Chat Free session, it is possible for you to have many goals in life fulfilled. Psychic chats are on-line forums that permit you to text back and forth between the psychic of your choice for a low rate. Some psychic chat firms will allow you to try this service to get free. Person concentrated with Psychic Chat… Chatting with a psychic online can keep things casual and you don’t need to worry about discussing personal issues over the phone. There is no need to be restricted to the areas that you want to chat with the chosen reader. Furthermore, the spiritual chat also provides you a chance to select the psychic that you wish to speak with . Psychic Chat Free – What are the Advantages? Many profiles should include a photo of the Psychic.


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