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Physics help- equilibrium torque?

Question by Spicy: Physics help- equilibrium torque?
My question is this:

How close to the edge of a 26.0 kg table can a 60.0 kg person sit without tipping it over?

The table is a total of 2.20 m long. legs on the table are 0.80 m high with them each being 0.50 m from the edge of the table. The distance between the legs are 1.20 m. (1.20 m + 0.50 m + 0.50 m=2.20 m.)

Anyone know how to set this up? I have no idea. Thanks for reading this guys.

Best answer:

Answer by Doug C
All good physics problem have information that is not needed. The height of the table does not matter. I was taught to use free body diagrams to solve these. Assume the table is homogenous so there is a 26kg force down 1.1 m from the end of the table (.6m from the leg). Now for the table to be in equilibrium the 60kg force needs to be .26m from the leg. 26kgX.6m=.26mX60kg. if the person were to move closer to the edge of the table it will overturn. Since the question is how far from the edge you must subtract the .26m from .5m so the answer is .24m from the edge.

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