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Love psychic reading please answer!?

Question by Queenbee: Love psychic reading please answer!?

I would like a reading regarding my love life please and want to know how Tommy feels and when I will see him next and what his visit will be like this time round?

my name Stephanie dob 04/13/86
his name Tommy dob 07/23/74

please psychics/ spiritual advisors answer 🙂

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Answer by ascendent2
Your odds of getting a real psychic are pretty slim. Most charge a fee for this. Try checking your horoscopes and astral charts.

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2008 Reading Stack

psychic love reading

Image by jaythebooknerd
Another year of being happily lost in books. It’s odd to think I started with Jeff VanderMeer’s City of Saints and Madmen in January and ended with his Shriek in the year end. I suppose it is a testiment to his world that I feel like I’ve been immersed in it for years. Other lovely discoveries in addition to Ambergris (Van’s city) have been Chris Adrian’s The Children’s Hospital, George R.R. Martin, Roberto Bolano, and Haruki Murakami. I’d hoped to have more Proust done, and just thinking of the wonderful translation gets my enthusiasm going. Hopefully I can carve out some psychic space for In Search of Lost Time in 2009.

Using the local library (thankfully a interconnected system that spans my not so little island) opened up my reading breadth, slightly, this year. I’ve been able to indulge my curiosity without have to pay for it (other than my own sweet time). Also it has been good to have the deadline of a return date to make sure I get to books I might otherwise let snooze on my bookshelf for years. In addition to Adrian, I was rewarded with authors like Arnon Grunberg and Anne Enright. Maybe more non-fiction next year. But I really need to find fine writers of non-fiction, regardless of subject. (A photoshop confession: since I’d dutifully returned the library books long ago, I cut & pasted my library reads over stand-ins in the photo above. A guy really needs all the inches he can get.)

So this was the shape of my reading for 2008, more than some, less than others, lots of entertainment, some art, many different places and people. I really found myself loving the writers that pushed me, but at other times was equally pleased to find a pleasant place to dwell for a couple of hours a day. I don’t know what it says about me but there it was.

Happy New Year.

Jerry Nelson

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5 thoughts on “Love psychic reading please answer!?

  1. emucompboy

    Is Bill Gates lucky?
    He was in the right place at the right time.
    Yes, we was. But — Bill Gates had made it his business to know when the right time was and where the right place was. He made his own luck.

    Pick up your phone and call Tommy, and ask him for a date. Invite him to your favorite restaurant. When he says yes, then you’ll know exactly when you’ll see him next, and exactly what his visit will be like, because you’d planned them in advance.
    As for how he feels — ask him after dessert.

  2. Chatterbox

    Good Luck! I don’t imagine that your going to get free readings or advise from professionals. But here is my free advise. You make your own happiness. You decide your fate by the choices you make. For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action. That my dear is called life. My favorite quote, ” It is better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all.” I was raised ‘old school’ or victorian principles. The male does the chasing, but the female lets the male know she is interested.

  3. JEFF K

    I could give you a reading but have you tried asking him?
    In a relationship you have to build love & trust

    Getting to know one another is part of the fun so I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you

    I will say 1 thing is at you don’t have to worry about being happy so go and enjoy yourself
    good Luck

  4. Moiraes Fate

    No psychic can tell you anything online. They must be in your presence to do so. If they say otherwise, they’re lying.

  5. Nicolette

    Whether I believe or not in it, I would not seek a psychic reading to find out how my Tommy feels about me. I surely will not do that. I would find out by myself how my Tommy feels about me. With a kiss it’s easy to find out. If not ask him how he feels about you. The way he answers will let you know. Toutes mes amitiés et bonne chance. Salut.


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