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Is there any free psychics reading I can get?

Question by : Is there any free psychics reading I can get?
I want to know if my boyfriend is or will ever cheat on me. We made a promise to never hide anything from each other and trust each other. But in order to trust him I have to know is he willing to cheat on me with another girl. Does he really love me? We have had problems in the past, nothing too serious but I want him to know I don’t like the inappropriate things he watches or sensual behavior or humor he is aroused to. I love him but I don’t want to live that way with someone like that. I accept everything he is and what he’s not but I’m sure I am not the only one who wonders these things. (Add: We’ve been dating over 8 months now and we want to create a future together when the time comes. When we are ready and are old enough.)

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Answer by Bryce
You just have to trust and have faith on that he will not cheat on you. Hope it helped

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