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is there a free psychic online chat thing where they give readings etc?

Question by Don’tSpitGameIfYouaintInit!: is there a free psychic online chat thing where they give readings etc?
okay so i really d0nt believe n this type of stuff but im also one of those types of ppl that has to see things to believe and plus i got a few questions to ask anyways but im trying to find a service that doesnt charge or require a credit card info or anything one that is absolutely FREE! anybody kno of any>???

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Answer by Foxy Girl
At .

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4 thoughts on “is there a free psychic online chat thing where they give readings etc?

  1. Misscpb


    Try the sites below, no credit card or money is needed as they do free readings and also lessons online for psychic mediumship development in Mediumystics for free.
    (chat room & forum)
    (for paltalk go into all rooms, then religion and spirituality and then click either metaphysical or spirituality and see what rooms are open)

    Lots of Love
    Misscpb xxx

  2. Antihacker

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