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I want to teach myself physics. Where can I find good resources?

Question by a_christian_teen: I want to teach myself physics. Where can I find good resources?
I am a highschool senior with only a very rudimentary understanding of the basics of physics. I want to get a more in depth study that I can understand.

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Answer by kingvin_1st
the world wide web

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About Roman Catholic Church doing secular business in Slovenia. Dog is here for Slovenian quote only, not because of dogging! Whom the Bell Tolls? Komu zvoni? Morala in etika na psu … Itak, tradicionalno. Since A.D. 33.

physic reading free

Image by artist in doing nothing
I was forced to delete few phrases from description. Some religious organization was upset and irritated. And, surprise, surprise, that was not RCC!

Hope, hope, hope…

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

Albert Einstein, 14.3.1879 – 18.4.1955
Nobel Prize Laureate (Physics)

Two great European narcotics, alcohol and Christianity.

Friedrich Nietzsche 15.10.1844 – 25.8.1900
philosopher and lyricist.

Zvon Ena, Zvon Dva, Rast itd. 68 000 zlorabljenih (*tokrat ne spolno, čeprav so bili nategnjeni*), vlagateljev se je prepričalo v tradicionalni pohlep Rimokatoliške cerkve. Namen opravičuje sredstva. Morala in etika sta pa v RKC ( … in tudi sicer …) itak na psu.

The bankruptcy issue of financial fiddling in Slovenian Roman Catholic Church: 800 millions euro loss. 68 000 small shareholders mostly faithful Christians left with nothing. The latest unveiling: 1.3 billion euros !

Poročilo mrliškega oglednika:
Coroners report:

Zvon 1 – SecurityID=ZVHR
Zvon 2 – SecurityID=ZV2R

“Be Content with what you have;
rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you.”

– Lao Tzu

Just to inform English speaking ppl interested to know a little more about
this interesting story about bankruptcy of *Biblical dimensions* here
is the link to News magazine L’Espresso in Rome who heralded these
shocking news the first:

(English) L’Espresso : The holy crash
(Italiano) L’Espresso : Chiesa crac, salta

il vescovo

RTV SLO : Polom biblijskih razsežnosti
(Italiano) : Toh la chiesa a fatto crac

“The secret of happiness, you
see, is not found in seeking
more, but in developing the
capacity to enjoy less.”

– Socrates

Anyway, to continue more globally, there are still some honest, spiritual
living and working in the world, and also even more honest,
minimalistic guys which transcending religious envelop have become free in
realm of spirituality. Upgraded religion is spirituality!

The following text is a copy/paste of some un-copyrighted interesting stuff
to taste and enjoy:

Excerpt from Leo Babauta’s blog:

I am not a brewer
I’ve been learning a bit about beers lately (and enjoying the learning
process) and on the top beer ratings sites a beer from the Westvleteren
Brewery tops the rankings.

It’s a Belgium beer brewed by monks who absolutely fascinate me. They brew
the best beer in the world and yet seem to care nothing about business. As
their beer has gained fame they refuse to raise production to meet demand.
They refuse to market their beers and have no label on their bottles. They
do no advertising and don’t allow interviews or tours of their brewery — you
can visit a visitors’ center across the street but they don’t want to be
bothered. You can only buy two cases at a time and you have to drive to
their brewery to get it — and only after reserving via phone.
They are crazy dudes but I love them. They are not interested in
making money or fame or accomplishments. They just want to be monks
Father Abbott said on the occasion of the consecration of their new brewery
“But we do not live ‘for’ our brewery. This must be strange for business
people and difficult to understand that we do not exploit our commercial
assets as much as we can.”
He went on to say “We are no brewers. We are monks. We brew beer to be
able to afford being monks.”

I’m with him.

For people interested to learn and know more I give a couple of

mnmlist : uncopyright

This blog is Uncopyrighted. Its author, Leo Babauta, has released all claims
on copyright and has put all the content of this blog into the public

No permission is needed to copy, distribute, or modify the content of this
site. Credit is appreciated but not required.

Terms and Conditions for Copying, Distribution and Modification
0. Do whatever the hell you like.

Read more: Uncopyright and the minimalist mindset.
The WordPress theme to mnmlist is also available for free, and uncopyrighted.

Meja se bo dvigala med izvoljenimi in zavrženimi.
Na Al Arafu bodo možje, ki bodo poznali tako prve kakor druge po gotovih
znamenjih. Dejali bodo gostom raja: Mir z vami! In kljub gorečnosti svojega hrepenenja
ne bodo mogli stopiti vanj. Kadar pa bodo obrnili svoje poglede proti žrtvam ognja,
bodo vzkliknili: Gospod! Ne vrzi nas med brezbožnike!

And between them will be a (barrier) screen and on Al-A’râf (a wall with
elevated places) will be men (whose good and evil deeds would be equal in
scale), who would recognise all (of the Paradise and Hell people), by their
marks (the dwellers of Paradise by their white faces and the dwellers of
Hell by their black faces), they will call out to the dwellers of Paradise,
"Salâmun ‘Alaikûm" (peace be on you), and at that time they (men on Al-
A’râf) will not yet have entered it (Paradise), but they will hope to enter
(it) with certainty.

Koran, VII. 44, 45.

Sattva binds to happiness,
Rajas to action
and Tamas, clouding wisdom,
to negligent indulgence.

From Sattva arises wisdom;
from Rajas, greed;
carelessness, delusion and ignorance arise from Tamas.

The Bhagavad Gita, chapter 14, shlokas 9 and 17.

As rain cannot penetrate
a well-made roof,
so the passions cannot enter a well-trained heart.

Dhammapada v. 14

If anything is to be done, do it well,
with energy and devotion;
the renunciate life led heedlessly
just stirs up the dust.

Dhammapada v. 313

Do not seek the company of misguided friends;
beware of degenerate companions.
Seek and enjoy the company of well-guided friends,
those who support insight.

Dhammapada v. 78

Jesuit priest Jacques Ellul comes to mind. It is a rather succinct,
clever definition of propaganda. To whit, "The ultimate success of
propaganda is when one is able to make losers feel like winners."

Try this:

George Carlin :

Religion is bullshit.

Pat Condell – Satan is a Catholic

And finally if you exchange words "$ CIENTOLOGY" ( yes, totally an other
story) in this flyer I got in Australia, with "Roman-Catholic Church" you
can feel something very near and dear and known:

Roman-Catholic Church likes blood and slaughtering. Think about all killings
in Americas in the name of Jesus Christ satisfying their greed for gold,
silver and sexual indulgences. 2000 years of experiences.

Original article:
Argentinski posli Zvona
Ena bi lahko NLB stali dodaten denar

Vatikan priznal hude napake, a zanikal oviranje preiskave
Odziv na poročilo o zlorabi otrok na Irskem dolgo pričakovan …

3. september 2011 ob 20:38
Vatikan – MMC RTV SLO/Reuters/STA

Vatikan je v odzivu na poročilo irske vlade o preiskavi zlorabljanja otrok
priznal hude napake pri obravnavi spolnih zlorab, a zanikal trditve, da so
ovirali preiskave.

Izvorni članek :

Kalama Sutta:

… (The criterion for rejection) …

4. "It is proper for you, Kalamas, to doubt, to be uncertain;
uncertainty has arisen in you about what is doubtful.

Come, Kalamas. Do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated
hearing; nor upon tradition; nor upon rumor; nor upon what is in a
scripture; nor upon surmise; nor upon an axiom; nor upon specious
reasoning; nor upon a bias towards a notion that has been pondered
over; nor upon another’s seeming ability; nor upon the
consideration, ‘The monk is our teacher.’

Kalamas, when you yourselves know: ‘These things are bad; these things
are blamable;
these things are censured by the wise; undertaken and observed, these things
lead to harm and ill,’
abandon them.

Obviously before the last Conclave:

… Over the last few weeks some have asked who I think the next Pope would
be. I have stated all along that I had three or four favorites judging by
how evil this church needs to get next if they hope to enforce their mark.
Out of those favorites I saw two that stand out rather boldly. Cardinal
Francis Arinze, a black man who declared openly Christ is not needed to gain
Heaven. And Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger who heads the office of Inquisition
that Pope John Paul II re-instated back in February of 1991, who also
declared Christ not needed
. I have said repeatedly that if there
were only these two to choose from, I am positive Ratzinger would get the
vote. As some of you that frequent the POGM Chat rooms know, I started the
research a few days before Ratzinger was elected because I felt he was going
to get to the job. Why? He was a Nazi soldier as well as one of Hitler’s
youth. You do the math. To have a man with such an evil past as his, one can
only assume he is Rome’s favourite. A babe in Christ that studies prophecy
could have figured this one out. Looking to John Paul II and the fact he
sold cyanide to the Nazi’s for killing Jews, one can see it’s a good bet
they would elect Ratzinger all along. In fact, there were many articles in
the media beforehand proclaiming him the favorite to win. And we all thought
it was a SECRET conclave eh? …

Pope John Paul II: Zyklon B Salesman

In his book ‘Behold a Pale Horse,’ former US Naval Intelligence Officer
William Cooper relates a story associated with the IG Farben Chemical

In the early 1940s, that company employed a Polish chemist and salesman who
sold cyanide gas, Zyklon B and Malathion to the Nazis for extermination of
groups of people in Auschwitz.

After the war the salesman joined the Catholic church and was ordained a

In 1958 he became Poland’s youngest bishop and after Pope John Paul I’s
mysterious death [… After a 30-day reign his predecessor was
assassinated and … -William Cooper, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, (Light
Technology Publishing, 1991), pp.89-90. … ]
, the ex-cyanide gas
salesman Karol Wojtyla was elected to the papacy as Pope John Paul II in
October 1978.

In March 2000, he publicly apologized not for his war effort, but for the
wickedness of the Christian religion. The plea for forgiveness also sought
to pardon the use of ‘violence in the service of truth’ an often used
fragile and treoubling referenece to the Inquisition.
The apology read by the Pope was the result of four years of work by a panel
of 28 theologians and scholars and was by far the most sweeping act by a
leader of a major religion.

On few occasions have ecclesiastical authorities ever acknowlegdegd the
faults or abuses of which they themselves were guilty. There was concern
that the apology was a major theological miscalculation that could undermine
the Pope’s weakening authority and the unanswered question posed by the
international media was —
‘In whose name was the Pope asking for forgiveness?’ (Excerpted from ‘The

Crucifixion of Truth’ by Tony Bushby)

Catch 22: Drobni tisk, ki ga RKC s pridom izkorišča, vendar menim, da je

to podobno kot spolno zlorabiti umsko prizadeto ali omejeno osebo:
Izstop iz Katoliške cerkve
kdor je bil brez svojega privoljenja vržen v katoliško cerkev, ne more več
iz nje.

I. V zadnjem času je vedno več izstopov iz Katoliške cerkve (KC). Zaradi
velikega zanimanja s strani medijev za izstope, je Slovenska škofovska
konferenca celo izdala posebno tiskovno sporočilo (10.11.2004) oz. je njen
predstavnik dr. Saje v reviji Jana (26.10.2004) pojasnjeval to tematiko.
Nesporno je, da je iz KC mogoče izstopiti. Vendar pa je ta izstop samo
formalen, kot to navaja KC, kajti notranja zakramentalna vez med izstopnikom
in KC ostane, ker je zakrament krsta v skladu z učenjem KC neizbrisno
znamenje. Po učenju KC tisti, ki iz KC formalno izstopi, ni več subjekt
pravic v skladu z določili Zakonika cerkvenega prava, hkrati pa ga vežejo
vsi Božji in cerkveni zakoni, razen kanonične oblike poroke.

Jerry Nelson

Hi, I am Jerry Nelson, the full time content writer for 100% Free Psychic Readings website. I use this space to share my experiences, experiments as well as thoughts about Psychic Reading and Psychic Chat services. For any request, you can contact me directly via the chatbox below.

6 thoughts on “I want to teach myself physics. Where can I find good resources?

  1. leephawk

    It depends on what type of physics you are interested in.

    Newtonian principles are easy to pick up from any book you may find in a library or book store in the science/engineering section.

    Engineering Physics are found in the same place but may be a little more difficult to understand.

    Quantum Mechanics/Theory can also be found in the same place. I highly suggest you start with Brian Greene’s
    “The Elegant Universe” It is a wonderful stepping-stone into such things as string theory and the structure of the universe.

  2. JustWondering

    There are many branches of physics. It depends on exactly what branch you are interested in. For a very comprehensive guide, check out Wikipedia:

    I am personally interested in theoretical astrophysics and particle physics. These two are extremely hot right now in the physics world, with enourmous academic resources being devoted to the study of String Theory. This is because String Theory purports to unify two branches of physics that are widely accepted as true, and yet conflict with each other. These conflicting branches of physics are:

    1. Quantum Physics
    This is the study of the very small (molecules / atoms / quarks etc.), and it has been experimentally verified and widely accepted. But it only accurately describes things on very small scales.

    2. General Relativity
    This is the study of the very large (planets, stars, galaxies), and it too has been repeatedly verified. But it only describes things on non-microscopic scales.

    Why should nature be divided between two totally different theories of matter? This seems to indicate a problem, that our knowledge of the world is still far from complete. A single “unified” theory should be found which unites the two, and this Unified Field Theory has been the “holy grail” of physicists ever since Einstein began the search years ago. One leading theory is widely believed to meet this challenge: String Theory. It unifies the theories of the very large and the very small, mathematically anyway. Its only weakness is that it lacks direct experimental confirmation. But there are indirect observations, such as the distribution of stars throughout space being an interpretation of quantum processes (the theory being that all matter everywhere was once compacted into a microscopic region and then expanded during the Big Bang, retaining in some way at least some of the properties it had when it was extremely small).

    The most influential physicists can be found here:

    …”influential” meaning that their research is extensively cited in academic papers and journals.

    If you want to get a head start, you should start reading books targeted for common people (as opposed to mathematical professionals). There are many, many books like this. But I would point you to the following ones to get you started:

    1. The Fabric of the Cosmos (by Brian Greene)
    2. The Elegant Universe (by Brian Greene)
    3. A Brief History of Time (by Stephen Hawking)
    4. Six Easy Pieces (by Richard Feynman)
    5. Parallel Worlds (by Michio Kaku)

    I recommend that you start with #1 above, if theoretical particle and astro physics are your thing. Greene has a keen ability to explain complex subjects to non-physics majors in a way that most people can understand.

    A search on for any of the above titles will allow you to buy the book (new or used); also, you will likely find Hawking’s and Feynman’s books in any library, where you can read it for free.

    One thing to remember is that the above books do not need to be read or understood in their entirety. If you feel like you do not understand something, skip past it until you get to something you do understand. There is a wealth of fascinating information that will blow your mind if you just invest the time, so don’t get intimidated from reading if you run into a road block.

    Good luck! And don’t give up until your mind is dizzy with amazement about the nature of the universe around you — it must have that effect, or you haven’t gotten it yet.

  3. Sandip P


    But physics can’t be learned,it can be realised.
    Physics is natural science, it accures every day in your life just start paying more attention to things that goes around you, like why leaf falls, why sun light burns etc and keep thinking about it.

    this is the best way to learn physics, no book, no teacher can teach you physics.


  4. Doctor J

    May I suggest a wonderful book called: “Thinking Physics” by Lewis Carroll Epstein. The author uses lots of great cartoons and examples to teach the fundamental principles of Newtonian Physics. It is a lot of fun to read and study and provides a powerful learning experience.

    Best wishes.


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