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i need to find a FREE website for psychic chat rooms?

Question by lalalala .: i need to find a FREE website for psychic chat rooms?
i want to find a 100% FREE website with chat rooms with psychics, but no matter what i search, the website will say it is free then when i go to the website they’re asking for my credit card number, someone please HELP !

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Answer by blackhat
Paranormal chat! This has to be the place for you.
Welcome all to Anybody There…if you are interested in the paranormal, then this is the place to be. Do you need help, advice or have a couple of unanswered questions why not join us on the Paranormal Forums and Paranormal Chat Rooms maybe you’ll make some new friends along the way.

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10 thoughts on “i need to find a FREE website for psychic chat rooms?

  1. eyefox

    There are many Psychic Networks on Internet. The most ask your credit card. There are some free psychic chat with 1 question or 1 minute free.

    Some Psychic Networks also ask to register to get readings. My tip : Use your credit card to register. If you don’t like, you can ask to refund. They will refund 100% for you.

  2. Farang

    lalalala I would love to answer your question but the last time I did my account got flagged. Psychics can be found all throughout the internet, but only certain sites allow for the highest quality readings mainly “filter” sites. The problem is that this specific question is being flagged by a competitor who lists a link here. I imagine he will flag this post, and after he or she does that I will flag all. I hope that we cant be petty when it comes to giving people help on their questions about Psychic Chat rooms

  3. Craig

    I use websites that filter out the top Psychic Chat Rooms on the web, you can go to the big Psychic Chat Rooms, but it’s a mixed bag of good and bad Psychics so I use the Psychic “filter” sites that just pick Psychics from all over the web and use the highest customer rated Psychics and still give you the FREE reading.

  4. Antihacker

    Warning PSYCHICS The MediuMystic Fake.
    This site take advantages of people who try to find help
    about their problems and MediuMystics is nothing else
    but a fake site who pretends that can help everybody.
    They control your profile, you dont give you some privacy
    with the other psychics.They control your messages.
    They control yout Threads Your Blogs even you have go to settings
    and choose “Private Blogs” they still can see your Blogs.
    Okey they’re gonna say “The Whole Thing Control
    Is About Your Own Safety” but they just try to control
    everything so to get BANNED your profile and make you create another
    one so with that way they wanna show you
    that “Look We Have More And More Members”.They just use you.
    They are not even Psychics.So do not trust them at all.
    STOP JOIN MediuMystic because is just a FAKE SITE.This WARNING
    is for your own safety.


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