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i need a real love psychic!!?

Question by : i need a real love psychic!!?
Please email me if you are a serious psychic i really need help. i’ve had a problem now for a year almost

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Answer by Red
Well expect to wait a while, psychics don’t exist.

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5 thoughts on “i need a real love psychic!!?

  1. Unsinkable Camille

    I found this post one night on Yahoo Answers it was posted a couple of years ago but the information is something you need to read and to keep you from getting into harm because of your immaturity in these areas and your ignorance of the occult.
    Please read and do not discount this man’s testimony.

    Yes! Do NOT even consider it.

    I JUST finished counseling (praying for) a young woman whose mother asked a psychic to “bless” the house. The young woman started to have nightmares when she slept and then a lot of weird feelings when she entered the room. She then became intensely sick which left her voice shattered (She sings praise for the church and is a social worker; therefore, her voice is essential) Her younger brother made a comment that although there was furniture in the room, the room felt “empty.”

    I told her some prayers to say over the room and to break the curses over her room. The young woman said that she could sleep well once she blessed the room.

    The demonic kingdom is very legalistic. If you ask a psychic or allow bad spirits to enter, via sin, occultic activity, tarot reading, horoscopes, etc,the spirits now have permission to enter in your life. There may be a very short-lived “reward” but the costs to YOU (or in a few cases, people that you love) later could be devastating.

    You’re better off having someone at a church or involved in prophetic ministry to pray for blessing into your life.

    Blessings to you!
    11 years–Inner Healing and Deliverance Ministry
    Book: I GIVE YOU AUTHORITY by Charles Kraft.

  2. samantha miller

    I think you have to be very careful when deciding to use a psychic. Most people who have a true gift are above trying to profit financially for it. All the ads on tv are cons and grifters and an over the phone session is next to impossible (only very advanced psychics are capable of this) and despite what you think a psychic cant help bring you love but only help you become more open to it. If you really wish to consult a psychic you should explore your community and if you do find one that you might be interested it be sure that they are legit. Ask specific questions and demand details (many grifters rely on generalities and reading expressions to get over on people.) I wish you the best of luck with your problem and hopeful my advice has helped you some.


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