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I need a love psychic reading please?

Question by LaughSmile: I need a love psychic reading please?
Hello, there is this person that I like and we have similar interests and I always though this person was cool and this person was a friend of a friend so of course we talked and stuff sometimes but I never knew how to get closer. It’s interesting because at one point we almost winded up living together because things were going down hill and even though I felt that we weren’t that close I still liked this person a lot and wanted to help them out if they needed a place to stay (luckily, it didn’t come down to that and this person is still at their home). At one point I thought that this person forgot about me, and I ask for the universe to give me a sign if there is still a connection between us and he randomly messaged me! I really want to be with him and I had a crush on him for years. I was always shy around him and now I’m not around him as much. Anyway, I want to know if you think this is the person I will wind up with? Will I eventually get closer to this interesting person that I really like or do you see me ending up with someone else? Can you give me all of the detail please, thanks.

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You should take charge, somebody has to.

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