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I can’t be that psychic……can I?

Question by landaV415: I can’t be that psychic……can I?
For one, there was this fight in the highschool I had recently heard about about 2hrs later. This girl had asked everyone “who was in it? And something said in the back of my head this girl’s name, and when I did find out, it was her! I didn’t even know and it was like my brain just randomly picked this girl in the highschool and was right! Another time I dreamed about this super smart good catholic girl who selfharmed…and you would never think she did! No one. Later, I found out she did, it was weird. I dreamed about it..and it was true. Alright.,.now this one might be weird…..It is almost like my mind is this scratchy puzzle trying to fit together. And I can tell if something bad is about to happen. Like when a big wreck happened near where I lived and we knew them. Strange as it is, I can’t think about it…it usually comes to me such random time.

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Answer by Chris
if you’re actually psychic, tell me what my name is.

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13 thoughts on “I can’t be that psychic……can I?

  1. '

    Maybe in your subconscious mind in your dreams you can see through the 4th dimensional plane of reality called time,

  2. clcalifornia

    There is a fine line between being ESP extra sensory perception and just being able to predict what happens next and or the logical thing to happen.

    Give yourself time. Don’t over whelm yourself with what you think might be a psychic gift. Gifts can be greatly abused and you might not ever truly know which is psychic and what is just coincidence.

    How do I know? I have ESP

  3. Mychal

    You may be…or it is possible that you are a good observer of human nature, as we human can be quite predictable.

  4. Roymance

    It’s certainly possible, over time there have been remarkable reports of similar things happening.

    What is more likely is that you are highly perceptive and through observing things you can predict what will happen next.

    Either way you have a gift, and if utilised properly…Well I don’t know…

  5. Saad

    this is just normal! sometimes things happen and we think that this happened to me before!
    i don’t know what is this but its just normal.. not a big deal!
    by the way what is psy chic! 😉

  6. Nathan

    Psychic impressions, that’s how I call them. The answer to the original question is yes, you are psychic. What do you want to do with this knowledge? Ignore it, or develop your skills further?

  7. lindy-s

    Not sure that you are psychic. That word can be over used. As the other person said, ESP is a heightened sense. You could be picking up these messages. The phrase deja vu comes from the French and it means “seen before”. Why couldn’t it be that you dreamed a scenario that actually happens? Thus, the feeling that you’ve been there before or seen it before. So, I totally understand why this is happening to you because I have moments, too. Don’t freak. Just relax. Usually there is nothing you can do about it, except know it already.

  8. angela c

    you’ll be surprised

    i feel everyone is psychic it’s just people who are more in TUNE with the wavelengths than others

    I’m in tune wit my wavelengths when I try

    psychic ability is mostly in the mind it means taking the mind from it’s physical function to a function beyond the body and the Earth

    I would like to fine tune my ability and be able to see into the future I can’t do that yet or maybe I lack the ability


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