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How many other psychics are giving free pregnancy readings on this site?

Question by : How many other psychics are giving free pregnancy readings on this site?
We provide a valuable service to the lazy and stupid who won’t go to the doctor or buy pregnancy tests.

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8 thoughts on “How many other psychics are giving free pregnancy readings on this site?

  1. Maxi

    Then could you not pre-warn them about the reasons they are getting pregnant as it would save them also going into labour

  2. Jess Marie

    some times people just want to know what others think! some times its the weekend and u cant see a dr and its to early for a test! if u don’t like what other people ask on her don’t look at it! =)

  3. dreamer girl

    Just be pus people ask a qwestions on here don’t mean they don’t go to a doc I have an appointment set so if u don’t like what people e asking don’t look

  4. Lovely143

    hey, alright well i didnt know where exactly to go for you to answer my question, i am 16 and my bf and i just broke up, i am flipping my shit not knowing if i am pregnant.. we have been have unprotected sex for ab 6 months now and all he does is just pull out, the last time we had sex was last wednesday, 3/7/12, but lately i have been feeling real nausea’s all the time specially after i eat anything and i read ab the wettness in your panties, idk what that means exactly, but some say it can be a sign or a std, although i was his first he did do this girl but with a condom and other than that it was only me, so i dont think its that, i do wanna know how accurate ur readings are, tell me what u think. thank you so much! <3

  5. PurpleCrab

    There is exactly 21 psychics that are active in the pregnancy forums for divining if people are pregnant or not.
    There is however a total of 29 psychics in that forum. That means 7 are inactive.


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