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How can psychic readings work over the phone?

Question by Evangeline: How can psychic readings work over the phone?
I’m getting a psychic reading over the phone tomorrow. I know shes legit because shes a good friend of my mothers good friend. How can psychics tap into your energy and all that over the phone?

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Answer by aspicco
why not? if they are good they are tapping into you. you are a unique, distinct vibration.

in quantum physics, particles can communicate across astounding distances instantaneously. why would a psychic be any different?

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4 thoughts on “How can psychic readings work over the phone?

  1. Aschatria Xyana

    From 5 one was capable doing this and she only can see something I was willing to share, for the things I didn’t want to be “on open” she told me she can’t see it because I am/have a mantle.

  2. susan

    A good psychic can tap into anyone’s energy at any time in any place. They do not need to be with you. Some need a picture, or to hear you voice, but others need no physical cues at all.

    The how is a bit tricky to explain, because this kind of work is not like physical world work. That is why so many do not understand it; they try to understand within the academic/scientific paradigm. And, yes indeed, quantum physics does confirm that it works, but not the how!

    Watch What the Bleep do We Know or Down the Rabbit Hole to get a better understanding from a scientific point of view.

  3. alimac

    I think some people just have the gift to tune into your energy vibration. There are lots of different types of psychic abilities so I don’t know what type your psychic uses. She may be able to see pictures in her head or just get a feeling from your own energy. Hopefully you get a good reading… good luck! There is lots of great info on phone psychics and psychic abilities in general on this website that might help you more. Cheers.


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