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Good Phone/Email Psychics?

Question by Ella Ella: Good Phone/Email Psychics?
I’ve been having fun lately, visiting psychics and fortune tellers in our area. Some of them are really amazing. I even went for an email psychic reading from a blog (the author is psychic) and the stuff she wrote down — amazing. Literally solved a problem for me. She doesn’t advertise but I am an avid reader of her husband’s blog so that’s how I found out about her.

Anyway, I’ve been seeing a lot of the psychic ads on the web and I’d like to try them out for fun. Know any good ones? I’d prefer costs to be below $ 30 for a reading. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Gummy
Steer clear. They are evil.

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  1. mamasquirrel

    I wouldn’t trust any of those fools. And even though Sylvia Brown is right over 2/3 of the time (and I like her writings), she is still wrong often enough to make me doubt her words. Those that ask for money are in it for one thing only…the money, which a fool gladly gives away.


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