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Hi, I am Jerry Nelson, the full time content writer for 100% Free Psychic Readings website. I use this space to share my experiences, experiments as well as thoughts about Psychic Reading and Psychic Chat services. For any request, you can contact me directly via the chatbox below.

10 thoughts on “free readings anyone?

  1. The Solution

    Psychics don’t exist. They are con artists.

    Hahahaha or just go to your local college, you can probably get most textbooks online though

  2. Gaulish Bard

    Here it is: you will waste your Friday evening asking silly questions online.

    You should know that most psychics are frauds. The future is what you make of it.


  3. Jubal Harshaw

    Well, you can go on youtube and look up Stephen Hawking and Michio Kaku videos. Oh, wait, you’re not talking about physics- you’re talking about psychics! Oh dayum….

  4. punch

    There are always people coming around here wanting to get a free reading, It doesn’t work that way. They got to make a living. And besides, it’s all bullshit. Save your money. Use your brain.


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