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Free Psychics online for chat or email?

Question by Lady: Free Psychics online for chat or email?
Please only answer if you are serious.
I really need an adviser to help me though the next few weeks-months. If predictions are consitant there is possible room for payment, but I really need help. Please respond with links or email addresses.
Sorry Superman.
While I admire that way that you put Allah’s name out there and spread his word, I have to say that I don’t necessarily pray to him using the name Allah. God is God by any name. You can call your father, dad, pop, pappy or daddy, he still hears you. I hope you have a lovely day.

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Answer by SUPER MAN
Lord has no kids dear 🙂
The devil’s work
Anyone that thought they could see forward Allah SWT will put their head before their body as they thought they could see forward.
No such thing and its all garbage. Turn to your Lord inshAllah amin instead of these lies. Those people are talking to evil and using evil.
There is no such thing as seeing forward other than your dreams and what the prophets SAW gave you.

Your lost and OUR lord is best for WE, US, I
Salam Alaikum

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be Victorious! InshAllah amin

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2 thoughts on “Free Psychics online for chat or email?

  1. lifewhispers1

    They will all want money from you – or, it is not worth their time to bother with you.

    Go ahead and throw your money away on nonsense. It’s probably better than drugs – but, not much better.

    And, yes, I am being serious.

  2. gourmandises

    Et c’est la seule quête de Dieu en sa toute puissance, qui pourra nous unir et nous mener à nous reconnaître les uns les autres comme des frères et des rangs de la paix, inshallah.


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