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free physics?

Question by Megg: free physics?
are there any free physics that i can email? i really want a physic reading…no jokes please

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Answer by Dieek
Do you mean psychic? Or physics?
Considering you are posting in Mythology and Folklore.

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4 thoughts on “free physics?

  1. jpturboprop

    I knew you would ask that…
    And your timeing is great.
    One free psychic reading coming up. Hold it. Just a moment. The cloud in my crystal ball is forming. Here it comes.
    You are going to read this response with a sense of excitement and anticipation. Yes.

    Good things are coming.

    Travel. Money. Friends. Relationships. Two kids. A house in the city. A new car.

    bad things are coming. strep throat. shingles. chicken pox.
    scuffles at school. an unexpected bill.

    You will get a fortune cookie with a winning lottery number in it. Unfortunately, the number will be the one that won last week.

    You will be happy. You will be sad. An airliner will crash somewhere in the world in the next twelve months, and there will be red paint on its tail. You will not be on that plane, nor will anyone you know.

    Any questions? Enjoy!

  2. kphoenix30

    Unfortunately there aren’t any free psychic readings that I know of. Most of them advertise a 10 minute or 15 minute reading and some of them may give you the first few minutes free. You also need to be careful, because they may not be receiving the information from a good source, there may be a bad entity around them feeding them the information. We had a psychic here locally and she is now has a number of law suits against her because of things she did to people. As with anything in life, there is always the bad mixed in with the good. If you can afford it, there are psychics in Salem, Mass who are authentic. There’s also one in VA Beach, I let her do a reading on me about 2 years ago. I never go in telling them anything and I try to keep my body language to a minimum so they can’t “read” me. If you search online you should be able to get the phone numbers of either one of these I’ve told you about. Sorry I couldn’t have been more help. Good Luck!

  3. kilroymaster

    The true reality of things is this please be careful what you ask for… For you may not like the answers that you will received……. Just remember this something are better left un-known and your fate may not be to your liking…………………………


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