Free Physics Readings

Free Physic Readings?

Question by Pete19: Free Physic Readings?
Can anyone tell me if there are any trustworthy people giving free psychic readings. I’d like a free phone reading but am ok with doing it by online.

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Answer by duro2amore
go to and get a free 6 month forcast

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  1. Mike J

    Be very careful about companies offering free psychic readings, some are scams.

    If you want my personal recommendation for a psychic reading I trust Angela at who is incredibly accurate (spooky stuff) and goes above and beyond the call of duty to help.

  2. curious

    if u wish i can send u a three min offer from my keen account to yours, but i will need your email address for that…i recently talked two on the phone (rubee and victoria)…..this is how u will get 3 min free followed by 10 min just for $ 1.99….and also i went for a free email reading….well, it wasnt that good. i mean on the phone u can talk to experienced ones n they seem far more accurate than the ones who write them on email….i will say the emails are rather too wordy…plus they dont give u the chance to ask additional questions. its quite limited…and the price goes to something like $ 24 to $ 49…and they will basically push u to spend that much.


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