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Free physic reading….?

Question by Kris M: Free physic reading….?
Well here goes nothing…around four years ago I was involved in a tragic car accident,it left me in a coma for several years.When I awaken,I had a shoking discoverly,that I could see not only a persons past,but also their future by just touching their hand or another part of their body.Many adventures awaited me (saving nurses son from a fire,saving a child I was tutoring from drowning in a game of ice hockey and catching a serial killer,who was terrorizing my hometown.After practicing and advancing my new found powers,I’ve discovered that even online,I was able to tell what god had planned for someone.So please give me a little fact and your life and what you wish to find out.
Well it seems your nickname comes from the famous short story “The Great God Pan” by Arthur Machen.As I’ve read many occult books,The Book of Thoth and The Tao Te Ching,I can see life brings you little happiness,those like you will find great pleasures in death.A god of the underworld,but a slave of reality.
Your past seems very horrible,but you also seems to only focus on the negatives,I see a little boy who wasn’t always miserable but choices to only remember the times he were.I see a leader who has fallen to a follower,I see you on your knees looking up for the sky to take your hand.I see people admiring you,for very little or for everything you’ve done.And after that I see a choice.
Scott M
I see a rotting corpse on the side of Interstate 74.

I see a kind but fragile heart.I see a need for exceptance,I see a son who will be very famous,but not my force but my will.And I see him at his time of need and you standing by his side.
I see beauty and passion.I see green.I see a single rose growning in a forgotten forest.I see eternal peace, and a child who will return to the forest after their time expires in someone elses dream.
the above post was for Rowan.And may you fill anothers with a sense of tranquility and clarity,as you’ve done for me.
Nov666 as i would love to give you a reading.It’s coming up as blank as your avatar.sorry

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Answer by Pan
I am known as Pan, I’ve been involved in the occult for a VERY long time.

What can you tell me about my future?

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7 thoughts on “Free physic reading….?

  1. firedeamon24

    ok i shall give it a chance ive divulged into magick..and other such things and i tried helping people by trying to take their pain as mine and help them but instead i started cutting and had flash backs of being abused by my dad mentally and physically and mentally by my mom so i have to ask what does god have planned for me i may not be very religious of any sense but im slowly getting more of a christian look at things i hope this is enough if not message me please and ty for ur time

  2. Scott M

    Me next, me next!!!!

    I’m trying to recapture some of the past and also find something new for the future.

  3. malevolentraven

    Well here goes indeed, a little fact huh-I’m originally from the south and I’m a rocker mom. What do you see in my future? Don’t say disappointment, cuz then you’re pickin up on my past.


    OK, help me to play a certain number I am thinking of to play the lottery? Three numbers ???
    How has your numbers beern doing on the lottery?

  5. Røwan

    hmm alright I’ll give it a go, let’s see how strong you are 🙂

    I’m Pagan- Neo Shaman- Traditional Witch

    Edit: Kris, I thank you for your kind words. Brightest Blessings and I’m here if you need anything 🙂


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