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Free physic reading by phone? Help?! 10pts!?

Question by Abram: Free physic reading by phone? Help?! 10pts!?
I wanna get a free reading. Any hotlines I can can call that I don’t get charged anything and get a free reading?

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Answer by luciloo26
You get what you pay for, but any amount for that is too much.

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  1. luvurs

    There’s a California Psychic Hotline (or something close to that) that does five minutes free, but in those five minutes they “need to listen to what you have to say” so you don’t actually get a reading until you’re paying. I’ve known women who have had psychic abilities and worked for a phoneline, and others who don’t have any ability at all. Anyone can read tarot cards, it’s very simple. The women I know who DO have psychic abilities say that it’s very rare they give an acurate reading over the phone because there’s no connection. It’s easy to listen to a situation and read between the lines, and tell the caller something they think they didn’t say, but really they did. That trick convinces the caller that the psychic is genuine and they take the advice given more seriously. Many callers – after being convinced – look for truth in the psychic’s words, and find hidden meanings that aren’t really meaningful such as:
    Psychic: “I’m seeing a letter… It’s an… S. Sarina? Sarah?”
    Caller: “My mom’s name was Sarah!”
    Psychic: “Yes.. yes. Sarah. I see it clearer now. I also see… a kettle.”

    And the caller then draws their own conclusions, or the psychic can take this is a time to step in, seeing that the kettle has sentimental significance and send a message of reassurance. This is a very phony and exaggerated version, but a common circumstance. Telephone lines are strictly for entertainment, and most make that clear.
    Anyway, my point is this my friend: If you hope to recieve an authentic psychic reading, don’t rely on it happening over the phone or the internet, and don’t expect it to be free. Although you will find that most genuine psychics don’t charge much for their services, you will have to “shop around”. Many people who claim to have visited real psychics have recieved their name by word of mouth/recommendation, and this is one of the most reliable ways to find one.

    Good luck, and I hope your questions are answered.


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