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free online chatting?

Question by ted L: free online chatting?
i am looking for a site that allows me to chat for free witout downloading anything. i was on one over a week ago but cant remember the name of it. if you know of one please let me know.(adult ones are fine too)

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Answer by XXi am ur best answer!!!XX works really well 😀

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  1. Melosimine

    Chat Avenue by far is the best. I haven’t used it in a while but is the most hassle-free. Good Luck & Be Good!

  2. ZJB Labs

    Well, I’d recommend downloading like Xchat or Pidgin for IRC, but, you can actually do IRC chat online, using (no registration required. Registration is optional and per-server, only if you don’t want someone stealing your nickname.).

    Just go to

    When the client loads, type a topic and click on “Find Channels”. (make sure you change your name if you wish).

    From here I’d better explain how IRC works to help you better understand the results.

    IRC has multiple servers, unlike other IM protocols, and each server holds hundreds to thousands (or more) channels. This means there’s probably more than a million possibly “channels” you can talk in.

    So, for example, if you want to go to an “Adult” themed chat channel, just type “Adult” (without quotes) and click find channels. Then it gives you servers.

    #AdultHypnoticWishes @ looks like a decent one. In this example is the server, and #AdultHypnoticWishes is the channel.

    So if you click on that link, you are then taken to the actual chat.

    And… that looks a bit to adult for me, so I’ll have to close that channel….


  3. Sunrise……………………………………

  4. Damon

    Tokbox (used to work there)

    I think the answer really depends on if you’re trying to chat with random people or connect with family and friends. The sites above are really for connecting to friends.


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