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Does anyone know where i can see a good psychic ?

Question by Alexandra: Does anyone know where i can see a good psychic ?
I would like to see a psychic to get a reading done, i live in Manchester and don’t mind traveling near by to see a good one that actually know what there doing, Thanks for the help =) .

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Answer by Brooksie
Just keep thinking about wanting to see a Psychic and also think about your phone number, then one will call you.

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Atell is an experienced and professional psychic reader and has read for clients worldwide for over ten years. She offers well-rounded readings through her various psychic abilities and a number of tools. Her reading style and caring demeanor is what draws clients back to her time and time again. She’s known not only for her compassion and non judgmental approach, but also for her accuracy.

Gifts and Abilities

She has a number of psychic abilities and is clairsentient (clear sensing), clairvoyant (clear seeing), claircognizant (clear knowing) and clairaudient (clear hearing). This means that she’s able to sense things, see things, know things and hear things during readings. This is how she receives insight into her client’s situation. Her abilities to sense the emotions of others is what sets her apart from the rest, and her ability to zone in on personality traits and intentions often sheds added light on romantic or relationship issues.

Readings are available through Skype chat/video, email, phone, or in person (for local clients). Rates are very affordable to cater for clients from all walks of life or any location worldwide.

Visit her web sites to read client reviews or to book your reading online:

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