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Does anyone know of a good free pyschic readings site?

Question by Dee: Does anyone know of a good free pyschic readings site?

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Answer by elaynekicksass
People who offer free psychic readings are eventually going to charge, people who charge for psychic readings aren’t really psychic. They just tell you a bunch of general information and try to judge you from your reactions.

True psychics know their power is too sacred to exploit for monetary purposes. True psychics also don’t have much control over the things they are able to predict.

You’d probably have better luck talking to your most insightful friend than trying to get advice from a commercial psychic.

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3 thoughts on “Does anyone know of a good free pyschic readings site?

  1. Tempest Twilight

    There is no such thing, Hon. A good psychic will only read for you when you are in his or her presence. It can not be done correctly over the Internet. And good luck finding a free one. But hey, if it is worth going to a psychic about, it is worth paying for a good one.

  2. amber

    It’s a fallacy that you can not get a good psychic/intuitive reading over the internet or by u.s. mail. I am an intuitive who reads in person, by e-mail, u.s. mail, and on occassion, over the phone. Energy is energy; it is timeless and constant. One does not need to be in the presence of the client to read for them. Maybe some psychics only work in person, and that’s fine, but some of us can work with the energy around a persons field even though we are hundreds or thousands of miles away. I also have many testimonials to my credit…..

    I charge for my readings, just as anyone else who does a good days work, charges for their labor. Once in a while I do offer a free question on yahoo answers. Feel free to check every once in a while to see if I have an offere posted. Good luck finding a free reading that is not generic or does not ask for “some” money up front…

    Take care


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