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Do I have psychic/ clairvoyant abilities or is there another name for it?

Question by kaylee: Do I have psychic/ clairvoyant abilities or is there another name for it?
I am 21 years old. The first time I had an encounter with supernatural was at age 5 when my deceased grandfather visited me in my dreams. He died before I was 3 months old. I dreamed of him almost every week and I frequently walked and talked in my sleep and woke up in random places in the house. The last dream I had of my grandfather was very vivid and intense. He was smiling and holding me, rocking me back and forth..sending me a message of love and family strength. I woke up crying and felt drawn downstairs to a painting of him over the fireplace that was made during WWII in italy. Seconds later my father walked down to the photo in tears .. he cried with me and held me while we were up crying at 3 am. He later explained to me that h had a dream of his father at the same time as I did.. and he spoke to keep me close and keep our family together. It was a very surreal moment. In my childhood I was extremely sensative and I had thousands of visions. Chalk it up to imagination if you will… but fast forward to adulthood. One day my mom called me crying while I was 17 and I intantly said “did joes dad die?” I have no idea where those words came from.. but after my mom confirmer I had chills and a vision of a face of a man I’ve never seen before.. and he told me that he died peacefully in the vision.
was driving to a job interview at age 19 and I passed a 7/11. I had a vision of a lottery ticket! A green and purple scratcher. I bought it and told the clerk this was a winner, and actualy shared with him my vision. I was excited! I then told a homeless man at 711 who offered me window cleaning i’d give him ten percent if I win. 🙂 I won 100 dollars on th scratcher. I gave him ten dollars. I felt elated and FREAKED out by this money winning vision. Keep in mind- I have these visions about different things almost daily!!! I will give more examples if you want, but I just want to know if anyone else experiences this. Do you read vibes and see peoples’ thoughts?

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Answer by Spirit World Messages
Hello Kaylee

When our loved ones die, it is only their physical body that goes away – their spirit/soul energy lives on in another realm known as the spirit world (heaven to some people). When we are sleeping our own spirit/soul leaves our physical body and we travel to many places, often meeting up with our dead/departed loves onces, friends, animals, spirit guides, other places etc. So, I can well believe you meeting your grandfather.

You are very psychic and I would not be suprised if you where also a natural medium (a person with the ability to contact and communicate with departed loved ones/friends. Look at the sites below where you can speak with like minded people, you can also develop your psychic/mediumship abilities online for free as well. I know you can help many people. (check the calendar for class times, it also has a chat room and forums that are open 24hrs a day

Take Care
Spirit World Messages

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  1. Graybeard

    No one anywhere has ever demonstrated any psychic or clairvoyant ability in a test that ruled out coincidence or fraud. If you can, you’d be the first to do so. has details of a longstanding offer of a prize for such a demonstration. It’s one million dollars.


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