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Could I be psychic? I just realized how everything fits?

Question by : Could I be psychic? I just realized how everything fits?
Well I read a question earlier and everything came just so clear. It was a question asking if she was psychic and then what she described sounded like me. Here are some examples…

I can tell everything from a person just from a picture. Their personality especially , and it gets stronger in person. I can read everyone very well , and I seem to know exactly how their feeling. One of my friends showed me a picture of her guy friend , I told her everything about him and she just sat there stunned asking me how I knew it. And then my best friend had a guy friend and she liked him , I had bad feelings about him from the moment I laid eye’s on him but for her I ignored it. He was cocky , He bit off more than he could chew , thought he knew people and somehow managed to play them as well. Yet he was also confused sometimes and got angry real easy , when he got angry he didn’t know what he was saying. But yet he was a good friend , but he needed them more than they needed him. That’s what I got from him that was my first impression , and I ignored it all for her. Within days he had tore her heart , made her cry , and got almost half of one grade to hate him. And I had been his unfaithful toy. That’s not the first time I betrayed my first impressions and in return got hurt.

My dreams , I’ve had around 5 and then I had them happen in real life. One of them I’m waiting to come true. Here’s an example: I had a dream that there was me , and my 2 best friends , and my best guy friend. 1 of my best friends was by the guy , and the other on the opposite side , I was standing in the middle. I found myself in the position between the same people in my dream the next day.

Sometimes I just know bad or good things are going to happen. On 5th grade graduation I was sitting in my seat knowing something was going to go wrong , within the next few minutes someones grandad collapsed from the heat. And then just last weekend me and my friend Kendall were about to go up the street and she stopped at someones house and was swinging on their wooden swing. “Get off Kendall , its going to break!” “No its not” “Come on we need to go.” “just a few more minutes!” “Kendall come on! Its going to split!” “What are you gonna do about it!?” at that moment I dropped my stuff to go over there , but the moment my things hit the ground the swing split in half and she fell to the ground.

There have also been so many times when I just get a urge to go pick up my phone , and when I do there’s nothing so I set it down and seconds later I get a call or message.

Could I be psychic? I just now realized all this…..
By the way , I’m only 12.

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Answer by Creation Crusher 5000
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5 thoughts on “Could I be psychic? I just realized how everything fits?

  1. howard

    no ur not a psychic, and u shouldnt pursue a career in becoming one, all psychics do is scam grieving families, they are bad ppl and u dont want to end up like them

  2. Misscpb

    Hello Alecia

    Yes you are psychic. When you read a person from their picture it is the persons energy known as their aura that a person is reading (psychic clairvoyance). When you feel how a person feels etc that is known as “clairsentience”

    Dreaming of events which come true is related to “precognition”, the ability to see potential future outcomes. Knowing in general is also about the psychic clairvoyance gift you have.

    Have a look at the web sites below where you can speak with like minded people and practice your abilities online free ok:-
    (chat room and forum)

    Lots of Love
    Misscpb xxx

  3. Ani Sw

    Yes, you are a psychic. In fact everyone is a psychic, it’s just that someone people have developed their abilities as a psychic and some do not. Children have stronger psychic abilities then adults do. The reason that there are fewer then we would expect is, for example; A 11 year old boy would tell his mother that he can see color around people, but the mother would tell the child that it’s just his imagination. If the boy keeps telling his mother he sees color around people, she then sends him to a psychiatrist thinking something is wrong with him. Finally the psychiatrist will tell him he is sick and it’s not normal. As he ages the ability he had slows goes away.
    What the boy saw was aura, a psychic ability to see someones energy that surrounds their body. But since most people do not know about these things they think something is wrong.
    I think you have the ability to mentally link to the akashic records; which is basically a big library of every event that ever happened and will happen. Which is basically the ability to read the future. You can also feel other peoples aura, which is how you know things about them without even knowing them.

  4. Isis's Jewel

    Yes, you are. And I was about your age when I realized I’m psychic. The best thing I suggest you do is find different methods of strengthening your intuitive skills. For example: also, I wouldn’t advise telling other people you’re psychic. After realizing this, some people feel like shouting to the world about their abilities… Yeah, don’t. Also, when you’re old enough to get a job, don’t get a job in the “fortune telling business.” since those things are undoubtedly money-based, you will dismiss your actual abilities and eventually just tell people what they want to hear to get their money. Not only is this somewhat immoral, but your abilities will eventually start to fade.

  5. Nakita

    Yes you are a psychic. I was just like you when I was 12 but my psychic ability was more advance. For me, it all started when I was just a baby. I use to see things that my parents can’t see. I don’t want to get in details. I use to be scared of life, but as I got older, everything just went away besides reading people’s minds and predicting the future.


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