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Can you give me a Free psychic Reading? Real psychics Please!?

Question by Sha: Can you give me a Free psychic Reading? Real psychics Please!?
TEll me about the love of my heart and how he feels about me and how things will come into play. No stupid remarks either. If you are going to answer, please be sincere.
I knew I’d get retarded answers.
Anyways, yes ther eis a such thing as a real psychic because im a real psychic, I am not able to read myself htough for some reason, and all I was asking for wa a feeling.

The only person who gave me somewhat of a good answer was the guy that said the girls around him and stuff..You people need to grow up

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Answer by Heaven bound
There is no such thing as a real psychic.

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8 thoughts on “Can you give me a Free psychic Reading? Real psychics Please!?

  1. ArunS

    The love of your life is 82 but he’s going to die soon and be reborn into the body of 17 year old skateboarder whereupon you will meet him in the back alley of a dance club on the night over your 19th birthday holding a candle and two lollipops while he dances to Chemical Romance drinking wine spritzers.

  2. Will

    To be sincere:

    I’m really sorry, but there is no such thing as a real psychic.
    and if there was, the world would be a very boring place, knowing what would happen to you (:

  3. Architect

    I will be sincere , sincere enough to tell you that life isn’t that easy and if you’re going to rely on some psychic [who is probably a fake] to decide your next step with the love of your heart then you’re not working hard enough for him ; life is about earning it , earn your love and you’ll be worthy of his love or else …. just live in the illusions of magical solutions .

  4. nekokirai

    First of all I am not a psychic but I am somewhat a good reader of a person. Well, you have not stated what do you notice about your lovey-dovey but anyway, I’ll try. I think you have a great passion for this guy and as soon as he feels your love for him, I think he’ll love you back too it’s that, make sure he doesn’t have any affair or many girls around him for there will be a problem in your passion for him.

    That’s all I can say…you haven’t mentioned what he does when you’re around.
    Hope I helped. (:

  5. pygonza

    And you are relying on the honor system to see who is psychic and who is psychotic and who is neither one. Only you can know what you are going to do, and you know your heart and your boyfriend more than anyone else.

    I feel he is immature and is happy to be with you, but is not ready to settle down with one person or be committed. I think he loves you in his own way, but not the way that you love. I doubt he is deep or profound in his thoughts like you can be. You will become a better person for this relationship if you continue to try to do what’s right. Try to temper your ambition with practical concerns. You need to have a back up plan if fame and stardom don’t come your way.

    Watch Donny Darko and S.Darko, if you have not already seen those movies.


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