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Can someone please give me a free physic reading ?

Question by Ni-Shelly: Can someone please give me a free physic reading ?
I would like to get some physic readings about my love life. Every site i have to pay for but I’m too young for a credit card. Please help .

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Answer by Mama Krabs
You are going to die in a week if you don’t send this answer to 20 friends by 5 pm.

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FB chat with Prof. Higgs & Prof. Englert

free physic reading

Image by European Parliament
Prof. Francois Englert and Prof. Peter Higgs comes to the Parliament to discuss latest developments in physics. They’re known for they discovery of a particle that helps explain the origin of the universe, so called boson particle. Why the Parliament is interested in science? It has significant impact on society, and, as such, features high on the European political agenda.

Parliament’s Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) has been organizing lectures for 10 years to keep Members updated about the cutting-edge discoveries. But this time you will also have a chance to speak to these world class scholars.

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