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Can someone give me a good psychic reading?

Question by scorpioblaque: Can someone give me a good psychic reading?
My birthday is on Halloween(October 31) of 1989, and i was born in Memphis, Tennessee at 11:55 am

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Answer by Kelsey
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9 thoughts on “Can someone give me a good psychic reading?

  1. trustmeiknoweverythingever!

    You will succeed in many things that you will do. You will marry the love of your life and you will have 3 kids. Also you will be extremely rich and happy.

  2. Mat K

    you will fined a guy with a tatoo and nyou will hate that tatoo and then youll marry him and have 4 kids 2 on purpose

  3. springo88

    great things install for you .. and a long happy life… just dont drive or make love on halloween

  4. 1 Truth

    No one can give you a “good” psychic reading, because only God is “good”.
    He instructs us not to practice in those types of things: Witchcraft, necromancy, divination, soothsaying, etc.
    So if anyone were to give you an accurate “reading”, they must have gotten it from an evil, demonic spirit or force. Therefore it will eventually end up in confusion and destruction if u choose to follow satan. Pray and have faith that a true word of GOD be brought forth, according to your life, and that it comes to past.

  5. SweetTart

    well, i can’t really give you a psychic reading, but i can do a tarot one. and for everyone who is against this, like the guy who thinks that this is blasphemy, i was taught by a pastor, and was raised catholic. i just happened to be born with this kind of ability, like someone who can hear music really good. it’s not bad, it’s a treasure. and now my dear, to you.

    past: well, it seems that you just got out of a relationship, and that it was a very abrupt split. did one of you move? i’m seeing movement. i also see that you were able to move away from this partnership in the past. the emotional baggage was released due to the fact that there was forgiveness in whatever it was that disrupted this union. i also wonder if this was a first love to whom you gave something, ummm, very special to. luckly, this was a beautiful thing that you experienced and happily you were able to realize this, even after things ended.

    present: right now it looks like you are able to set healthy boundaries again, and that things are looking fairly good. i do see that there is someone in your life (could it be you?) who is deeply offended at the moment. but right now you are coming out stronger from a previous situation, and that you are grounding yourself in this new life as a leader, with the help of someone else. you also feel very loyal to someone, someone whom you love and trust, but that you also fear. i’m wondering if you are becoming close to a parent or some other kind of family member or mentor since i’m seeing you being restricted, but that you look to this not as a bad thing, but protection. and you are right. they are protecting you because of their love for you. you know this to be true, so keep trusting this person. and just so you know, you are not being risky by being independent, this is something that is very good, and it should be regarded that way.

    future: hmm. do you currently have contact with a love interest? in you future i see you becoming very burdened by a male in your life. he will lure you with words and conversation, but he is who he is, and your anger in that fact will be great. you will love his strength, mystery, and self-respect, and you will feel lucky and to have landed him. you will gain knowledge through this, and a lot of it, so i would say don’t stop this new relationship, it’s something you need to go through in order to learn more about love, yourself, and what you want. your entire perception of love will be defined with this relationship, and you feelings and emotions will really be explored. that is beautiful! embrace it, because it really is better to love and loose than never to have loved at all.

    i hope this is ok for you. usually people want to know about their love lives so i try to focus more on that. hope everything is going good and continues to go well. good luck and blessed be!


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