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Can someone give me a FREE psychic Reading?

Question by Queenbee: Can someone give me a FREE psychic Reading?
email me at please
Serious answers only or you been reported!!!!

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Answer by sara97a
no, i dont’ believe in that junk

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Jerry Nelson

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9 thoughts on “Can someone give me a FREE psychic Reading?

  1. kunjaldp

    You are going to be blind since you are using a computer a lot and then you will lose your job and g/f and will never get married. You will have to live on street and once you get sick there were no medication and you will die.

  2. Dogmatic Dingo

    Let me peer into my crystal ball. Oh ! I see that you are HOT and you will email me so we can meet up.

  3. capt_duh

    somebody is going to play a joke on you today , and you’ll want to get them back ,….plus watch out for that toy on the floor you could trip and get hurt , george w. bush will say something stupid ….the democrats will blame all republican for everything………let me know if I’m right

  4. FrmVegas

    Read the bible and trust in Jesus, then you wouldn’t have to worry about your future. Is that serious enough for you?

  5. Amy

    I could give you a free psychic reading, but the old adage says you get what you pay for. I could just be some loon on the internet pretending to be a psychic.


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