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can i get a free physic reading ?

Question by Unique Prophecy!: can i get a free physic reading ?
can i please get a free physic reading because for the last few months it has been very hard for me …

u can e-mail me @ or i could e-mail u

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Answer by subwlimnuflik
I get the feeling that you are about 17 years old. Highly intelligent, strong , competent, have a good sense of humor. You maybe a little concerned about things such as your place in the world and, your future but, you are confident you will succeed. I am not a physic but gathered those things from reading your questions and, answers. Many think that dreams are the subconscious mind trying to work out problems the conscious mind can not and, they are often prophetic. I do have a knack for understanding dreams and, would be more than happy to help you interpreting them. Just beware there are many so called psychics who do what is called cold reading. It is a parlor trick do not be deceived. There are very few true psychics and, those that fancy themselves as psychics rarely are. Please feel free to email me if you would like.

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Medical Drugs for Pharmacy Health Shop of Medicine

free physic reading

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Free picture of medical drugs and pills that are legal from the pharmacy health shop of medicine. This medicinal photo of tablets was created for you by the best medicated friend and it can be used for free, if you link as the original author of the image.

In the clean Germany there is a medical problem with drugs and pharmaceutical pills that are red. Their color indicates that they have a strong effect on health. The vitamins or simple medicine for health treatments of the public healthcare are usually white or yellow. The red pills from the pharmacy can create and addiction to medicare or antibiotics, because they create a strong dependence to them. The reasons are complex, the results are the same. You end up buying more pills.

The people who believe in homeopathy with diluted substances of the medline science that you can read about online, believe that the best medicine is the free medicine. It is a beautiful thought that leads to abuse of people who try to find alternative homeopathic solutions for the remedy of their illness.

Drug abuse is another problem in Germany. Healthy people who need their medicine are not profitable for the healthcare industry. So the pills are designed to be less effective, so that the patients need to buy them for their entire life.

The naturopathic supplements are an alternative to pills, because they contain natural substances and often vitamins of natural origin. Those herbal tablets are often used for treatments of digestion or pain even. The natural medicine pills are usually green or deep green in color.

The major producers of artificial tablets are Pfizer, Bayer and Merck. The wish of is simple, those big companies must give the people an alternative and produce pills that contain plants and plants only.

The medicine is the apprenticeship of the prevention, recognition and treatment of illnesses and injuries with people and animals. Besides, the scientific medicine helps itself of the bases which have compiled physics, chemistry, biology and psychology.

The medicine is a practically oriented experience science. The Ayurveda medicine of India also became about 500 B.C. from the older, defined magic theistischen to religious contents.

New medicaments are developed in the pharmaceutical research where new medicament materials are identified and experimental medicaments are checked in lab tests and clinical studies. Medicaments are mostly no pure materials, but preparations of medicament materials with auxiliary materials. The most current medicament form is the tablet.

Medicaments work not only in the treated organism. From some medicaments remains in food or the environment pose a problem which attracts increasingly attention. Medicaments are used since millenniums.

Herbal medicament drugs and some other materials were already common in the antiquity. The development of medicaments on scientific basis began in the 19th century and found in the 20th century of impetus.

The pill is a medicament form mostly provided with cover in ball shape to the oral taking. Because the used auxiliary materials can easily become a fertile soil for bacteria and the production manner is unsanitary, the pills are obsolete. Also the emission of the active substance can be predicted only hard, because the pills postharden. For these reasons the pills from the chemist’s shop practise have totally disappeared and been edged out by tablets and capsules.

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    Physic reading is an art. It’s a natural talent but you jave to work on it like any other physical skill. Fortune teller also use physic reading for thier work for knowing more or developing physic reading skill please visit this site -


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