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Can anyone recommend a real phone psychic?

Question by miabeth1217: Can anyone recommend a real phone psychic?
I have always wanted to speak with a psychic. However, I don’t know any and don’t want to speak with a fraud.

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Answer by Jen G
There aren’t any

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Ghost – A real one!

phone psychics

Image by Duncan Allan Photography dot com
This picture was taken by a group of friends of my cousin with their phone camera.

Neither has picture been altered or modified in any way.

Look bottom left of the picture to between the legs two girls .

Very spooky.

I have geotagged this with a generic placement approximate to the true location to avoid besieging the place.


This is what my cousin had to say.

The picture was taken by a friend of mine.
My friend sent me the photo on my mobile phone, and asked me if I could print it out. For what I have been told…….my friend was at a party, not sure if it was a birthday party etc…..and from what she told me, the little girl on the right of the picture was crying, as she kept on saying that somebody was pulling at her dress, and to stop. The girl was crying because "whoever" was pulling at her dress didn’t stop, that’s why she was crying.
When you look close at the picture, it was obviously taken and somebodies house, and the other girls in the picture are standing very close to the wall behind them, as the radiator also shows how close to the wall they all were.
I thought it was really spooky too……and it’s not as tho the spooky head or face is lying down behind them, because of the wall and radiator in the background.
Nobody is going to have a picture taken with the girls all so close together, and a face at the bottom just out of nowhere and not know it’s there.

I can honestly say, I have never really believed in ghost’s etc, although I have never dismissed it either, but after seeing this picture, which was taken on a mobile "PHONE" it really does make you think if there are ghosts…….I am not easily phased by such things, until I saw this picture. That’s all the information I have on the subject.

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11 thoughts on “Can anyone recommend a real phone psychic?

  1. pathfinder

    There is no such thing as a psychic. They are all frauds. God is the only one who knows all, and sees all.

  2. Answer Angel

    In my opinion…. don’t get mad……. I think theyre all fraud! Its just that some of the things they say just so happens to fit into people lives so they believe. Also, a lot of people just want to believe so bad! I dont know …maybe some people do have a gift like that. Ive never met one though! Good Luck

  3. wise old sage

    The secret to phone psychics is that everyone likes to think
    they are unique, and the reality is we are all remarkablly
    alike, so one slightly modified script fit’s all. and if you actually don’t fit the script, oh well your the 1 percent that got away.
    One bunch of psychics in Canada were so good they didn’t
    see there boss skipping town with the money and owing them
    all 6 month’s backpay.

  4. Laika

    The ones I know are all home based, work for themselves and are in the Rocky Mountain West or in the Pacific islands. I know these women from being around them at various psychic fairs or metaphysical bookstores where we worked together.

    The ‘phone line’ psychics are usually not so good. Many years ago (about 11 yrs) I was emailed a script to use to tie up a person on line so their phone bill was charged more and more time… Of course, they couldn’t care less if I was competent in my abilities. Integrity prevented me from affiliating myself with such business minds.

    So, the best thing to suggest is to find a Body Mind Spirit Expo or some sort of metaphysical gathering place (bookstore) in your home city or larger city nearby. They’ll be able to provide real consultants for your questions.

    Maluhia – Peace

  5. nupakry

    You can talk to me because I am not a fraud-WHOLE WORLD KNOW THAT! But I will not understand your English because I am from India…..if it is OK with you then you can call me on my number …………….093232——–let me know your interest!

  6. PsiTips

    There are accurate, professional phone psychics and there are phone psychics who are just con artists. Follow these simple guidelines to find sound psychic insight and avoid being taken for a ride.

    Try the Psychic Search Engine
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  7. Joyce L

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  8. Knichole

    I disagree with everyone hear. Sorry. I have been to a psychic before and it was remarkable. Although, phone psychics I dont believe in, because they have to touch your palm to actually have these psychic feelings. The psychic I went to asked me to seperate the tarot cards into 3 piles and then put then put them back together so I had touched all of the cards. He/She will read the tarot cards after they read your palm. So go to an actual psychic if you are going to get a reading..not over the phone


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