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Can Anyone Please Give Me A Free Psychic Reading?

Question by nickki1012k9: Can Anyone Please Give Me A Free Psychic Reading?
I don’t have a specific question, however, would like to know if there is anything in my future I should be looking out for
Please only reply if you have psychic abilities or believe in it, please no sceptics with ridiculing responses

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Answer by Paradox
Yeah one sec, let me pull out a card from the bullshit deck.

Here it reads: *really general and vapid information that could apply to anyone, then something to make you feel excited to trigger nerve cells in your brain that release serotonin to make you want to get your bullshit read more often*

Pleasure doing bu$ iness

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6 thoughts on “Can Anyone Please Give Me A Free Psychic Reading?

  1. Patient Bear 2.0

    No problem. Let me see. The colour red has a significant meaning here. As does a man named Gary. One night you will meet this man and fall madly in love. He will show you the world you never knew and make you the happiest you could ever be. He’ll give you everything and you’ll live in complete bliss.

    Then he’ll slit your throat.

  2. toby

    Someone who seems perfect to you has two faces.

    I hope this means something to you because I can only tell you what I see, I cannot explain what it means.

  3. Doubting Like Thomas

    To ask a question and demand that people who want to help you are not allowed to answer, leaves you open only to answerers who are willing to agree with your position OR to exploit your hopes, fears, and assumptions.

    Report me for disregarding your demand, if you wish, but if you know the sales techniques involved, you will be less likely to get exploited.

    If getting exploited makes you temporarily happy, it’s a lot like masturbating, only worse.
    Masturbation feels good, but also satisfies a need.

    Psychic readings feel good, but do not satisfy a need, other than the need to feel good.


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