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Can anyone please give me a free physic reading about my love life.?

Question by Lolly: Can anyone please give me a free physic reading about my love life.?
I’m dating someone who was just a friend .Can anyone pick up on to see if we will get even closer soon and spend more time togeather or what the future will hold for the two of us?
His name is Brandon my name is Lori we have know each other for two years. We have a strong connection. If anyone is in intuitive please let me know of what the future holds for us.

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Answer by Aussie 1
Be patient. Be understanding. Accept him as he is & you will end up marrying him.

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what’s in my bag?

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Image by ravissant74
I read an article from a fashion magazine a while back that you can tell what a person is like from the contents of her/his bag. So, whadayathink?

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7 thoughts on “Can anyone please give me a free physic reading about my love life.?

  1. Gustavo

    I see in my sight that the result will depend on the decisions you’ll make, no matter how little these decisions are, they all will matter.

  2. leaving traces

    It’s hard to get “feelings” for something without talking to you a little more, and knowing some more personal things about you, but for some reason, right off the bat, I got a feeling like this guy isn’t the one you’re going to end up with, but in six more months, someone is going to come along, and he’s the one. You’ll know him when you see him. Good luck.

  3. Mrs jackson@n1

    Make sure you have your facts straight first.So You don’t get it twisted.Things are not always what they seem to be .But they are what you make of it.

  4. Trouble

    it won’t work, pack your bags and run quickly and never look back, contrary to popular belief, friends don’t make good lovers


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